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by Steven J. Ram


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ROI Marketing Services … fixes online business

ROI Web Page Analysis

What Are The Benefits For Your Website and Business?

Our Website Page Analysis Reports benefit your business by identifying key performance indicators that are causing problems in gaining more of your target market niche.

The reports identify what your competitors are doing to achieve high rankings and high returns on search results at Google, Yahoo or Bing. There are 3 reports that show you where you are falling behind in the competitive race. These are specifically ..

  1. Web Page Analysis Report
    This report shows you exactly where your competitor has the edge. The report does this by comparing your web site to your competitors higher ranked web site. The report is a detailed document with solutions related to your web site’s competitive effectiveness and include insights into your web sites ..
    A: SEO Analysis and Optimization Advice with Advanced Analysis
    B: Main On-The-Page Factors Influencing Your Ranking

    C: Main Off-The-Page Factors Influencing Your Ranking  

  2. Keyword Density Analysis Report
    This web page analysis report is an overall view of just how your site is “read” and indexed by the major search engines, which are Google, Yahoo and Bing. The report shows all your keywords that are spread across your web site and how well placed they are, or in other words, how efficient the keyword density is as a main theme across your web site. 

  3. Search Engine View Report. (Probably one of the most important reports you’ll ever see)
    This web page report shows you exactly what the search engines see when the robots search your site. This analysis report shows you the visible page elements including the head tags (Title, Description & Keywords) and then show All Visible Text shown through out your web site page. Powerful information indeed. 

    The report also shows you Links that Search Engines (Site wide) can follow .. which if you think about it, is probably THE most important piece of information you’ll see. This report in itself is probably one of the most powerful documents you’re likely to ever have. With it you can directly change any problem that may exist in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comparisons with your competitors.

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Web Site Marketing Audit Report

Benefits For Your Website and Business?

The benefits are, you start to re-generate your customer market by applying our solutions to marketing problems. We’ll get you in front of your market’s eyes, ears and brain. We’ll solve your business problems.

We’ll have you seen by people wanting your business.

Further benefits that will help you ..

  • Scrutinize your website’s design & layout (The Look & Feel). Compare your site to your competitors “look & feel” (Design & layout)
  • Suggest internet marketing solutions to increase visitor interaction related to the look & feel of your web site plus show you how your competitors are doing it.
  • Analyse your website functionality (Functionality Testing). As in test out how many clicks there are to get your customer / visitor to the purchase page. Also test your product or service landing pages for efficiency and actionable progress. Test the download time of your website (Crucial Importance)
  • Deliver solutions to fix the functionality of your website in point by point, easy to understand summaries
  • Check your SEO / SEM strategies and find the right keywords / phrases that should be used as opposed to the ones you are using right now
  • Engage optimise solutions so that your web site can achieve a better search results listing
  • Supply relevant keywords / phrases lists that will help re-generate your sites target market interest and customer attraction
  • Supply you with Internet marketing solutions related to your website and or your business strategy. Easy to understand solutions. Nothing hard and no “marketing terminology” dribble
  • Test your website for W3C Validation vulnerabilities. Also supply the solutions to you for having a “Validated” website. (Critical Importance)

Further benefits are that once you know the solutions to your problems you can then change your website to suit and re-generate the bottom line of your business.

Having a solutions based Website Marketing Audit can dramatically increase your financial bottom line by alerting you to problematic areas of your site that don’t work for your business and turn them into areas that sell your products or services for you, simple as that.

Have a chat with our Website Marketing Audit rep, fill in the Contact Us form supplied below. Don’t waste anymore time and money wondering why your website cannot do the job .. treat yourself to the benefits of knowing why and the solutions to gaining an increased bottom line .. today!

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