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Who We AreCreative People Is Who We Are.

Web Design & SEO Specialists.

Award winning web design & SEO marketing business based in the famous Centre of the Universe, Bentleigh East, Melbourne Victoria. Adapting conventional web business designs with enhanced NewTech technologies including HTML5, CSS3 & Schema.org to produce exclusive penetrating web designs that deliver our clients message.

Facts About Us

  • We design websites to enhance & imbue
  • We design SEO strategies to drive traffic hordes
  • We are awesome and creative
  • We drink ten cups of coffee a day … easily
  • We are the best business in the world
  • We love doing our job
  • We are all about customer satisfaction

Our Expertise

Web Support


Meet The TeamWithout them, we are nothing!

2016 Steven Ram
SJR A.K.A. ZAAAXOwner / Head Chook
Been web designing & seo marketing since 1996, first ever job, Future Entertainment and since then, not ever looked back.
SJR's BrainCEO
Been helping the web designing & seo marketing of the head chook since, well, time began actually.
HP EnvyThe Slave
I’m the slave. I’m continually reminded of how slow I am, how old I am, how sometimes (in my defence, very very rarely) I freeze even in summer, however, I’m always updated and cleaned.
The Colour SplatInspiration Mentor
I lay around. I’m looked at quite often. I’m smiled at regularly. I’m flipped, grayscaled, pixelated, enlarged and resized whenever the Head Chook desires, therefore, I am also, a slave.

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We listen. We evaluate. We ask the tough questions. We discover what your expectations are and what exactly you want your website or SEO design to achieve. We research, evaluate, test, analyze and deduce, then make our professional suggestions and once we’re all on the same page, we get to work to produce your required brilliant presence.

Web Design

Unique custom web designs built to deliver your business’s message. Built to be devoured by Google. Built with HTML5, CSS3 & Schema.org technology. Built with your ideas coming alive.

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SEO Marketing

SEO helps people wanting your products or services to find you, easily. Our SEO strategies are focussed on your business, your knowledge, our research and that’s our business. Our SEO is magnetic.

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Web support

We offer Web Support blocks to help beat the battle of Hosting Companies, Website Admin, Site Maintenance and web design updates, edits, upkeep etc. If you haven’t the time, then we’ll do the grind. We’re very fast too.

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