10+ Logo Design Trends that Will Be Popular in 2020

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Article by Nick Brown

Today’s logos are shaping up to be the most interesting they’ve ever been, and 2020 is on track to prove it. There are tons of interesting and unique design philosophies that are being used by graphic designers everywhere, and they’re definitely worth checking out. Here are some of the more interesting trends you should be aware of.

Simplified Design

Simplicity is the key to success, or so many would have you believe. Whether you’re talking about love, life, or graphic design, it seems that it still rings true. It’s especially applicable in the last example, though.

Simplicity is a trend that has evolved into an established philosophy. This artistic approach may not have seemed like the most interesting up-and-comer, but it’s now a widespread phenomenon. Simple designs are easy to integrate into just about any element of your marketing campaign. A simple logo is legible on any background, giving it unparalleled versatility. Removing excessive lines and elements allows you to stick your logo on anything you want, which is extremely beneficial for your marketing efforts.

More Applied Geometry

If you thought geometry wouldn’t find its way outside of a middle school chalkboard, you were absolutely wrong. Modern logo designs are incorporating more and more interesting geometric shapes as of recently. It’s not limited to rigid shapes like squares and rectangles either. Web designers are aiming to be as creative as possible with their designs and they’re using non-angular shapes to achieve this.

The focus has been shifting from squares to circles, ovals, ellipses, and any combinations of different geometric shapes. The low poly style is catching on as well. You can create the most creative and eye-catching designs with some mosaic choices. Applied well, they can have a sleek and clean look while remaining interesting.

Unique Typography

Unique Typography

Text-based logos are just as important as visual logos in the current market. They are straight to the point, giving you the name of the company right there in the logo. This is part of the reason why so many businesses still utilize text-based logos. Making them a bit more creative is a challenge.

Typography aims to solve this by creating unique forms of text that are quickly recognizable and visually stimulating. More and more, businesses are creating their own typography solutions and inventing fonts for their logos. This is even harder than creating a logo from scratch, but it’s well worth the effort.

Gradient Colours

Colour is an essential part of logo design. It adds flair to the logo and helps elicit certain emotions when viewing it. Simple logos might use red to evoke urgency or blue to evoke calmness, while more complex logos combine colours in interesting ways.

Gradients create a very visually pleasing effect which can go well with your brand logo. It mesmerizes the viewer and creates more complex reactions to the colour choices.

Intentional Clutter

While cleanliness and simplicity are often ideal choices for a logo, there’s always room for some chaos.

Logos like the ones used by Zara or Juice Man aren’t very neat, but they serve a purpose. Their clutter is utilized in an aesthetically pleasing way, making their logos somewhat unique.

Complete Chaos

Complete Chaos

If you’re looking for a bold statement, there’s nothing quite like chaos to do the job. Why not mix it up and create a completely unintelligible logo for your business?

Byron and Fashion For Good might not have very appealing logos, but they are definitely eye-catching. This is just as important in logo design, which is exactly why they have applied this line of thinking to their own logos.

Geometry in Letters

Both geometry and typography are important for logo design, and they’re often combined into one interesting whole. Geometric letters make way for some bold, yet clean designs which are anything if not unique.

This trend is refashioning the logo industry pretty quickly. You’ve probably seen the Ball and Doggett logo or similar ones before. They are quickly catching on and businesses are taking note of this.

Emblem Designs

The design community might be shifting towards simplification, but there’s no rule out there saying that you have to as well. Many businesses continue to use and improve on classical designs without needing to simplify them.

Emblems are showing no signs of receding, and they’re getting as detailed as ever. A complex design can add an air of sophistication to your logo, making it especially alluring.

3D Logos

There’s no reason you should only stick to two-dimensional logos in 2020. 3D and isometric logos are becoming increasingly popular in modern design. They add a feeling of depth and complexity to the design, which keeps viewers looking.

Creating 3D logos is especially challenging. Businesses often seek help from Hopping Mad design experts to create isometric and 3D logos, as it’s often above the paygrade of regular designers. If complex and intricate designs are your thing, 3D is the way to go.

Retro Style

As it turns out, the logos of yesterday are also the logos of today. Designers are looking back in time to give their viewers a nostalgic glimpse into the past. Retro is back in style and businesses are getting in on the craze.

The logos aren’t meant to be exact replicas of old logos, but rather nostalgic reminders of what people think they looked like. It’s more than enough to get people looking at the logo and business with rose-tinted glasses.


Modern logo designs draw inspiration from a variety of different sources. There’s no shortage of interesting and unique logo aesthetics to choose from, which is why designers have all the freedom in the world to choose what they make.

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