4 Proven Ways to Create a Website to Boost Your Business & Brand

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Creating a website that boosts your business involves far more than just conveying information about your company and your brand.

You need to attract the right audience, and your content needs to stand out from the crowd to show what makes you unique.

Take a look at four steps you should take in building your website — actions that are crucial to building a successful website that advances your brand.

Design Your Website

#1 – Design Your Website With Your Audience in Mind

Do you know who your target audience is? Understanding who your website is designed for is critical to its success. Yes, you need to know the basic demographics of age, location, gender, and so forth. But that’s only the beginning.

To market successfully to the people who are most likely to purchase your goods or services, you need to understand what they need, what they value, and what they believe. You need to know their purchase habits.

Once you know what they need and how they’re currently attempting to meet those needs, you’re in a much stronger position to pitch yourself as the solution to their problems.

This vital information filters into your website not just when you make design choices, but also when you decide what types of pages and features you’ll require. Depending on what you offer your customers, you might want to consider:

  • A blog
  • A calendar
  • Social media links
  • E-commerce pages (and the top-level security they require)
  • Photo galleries
  • Easy search functionality
  • The ability to set up an account (and store a credit card number)
  • Contact links and information
  • Booking capability
  • User reviews
  • Video playability

As an example: The California grocery store Ralphs features regularly updated recipes on its website, with the capability of transferring ingredients to a shopping list — handy for shoppers trying to decide what to cook for dinner. When your visitors recognize that you’re the right choice to meet their needs as soon as they see your site, you know you’ve done a great job with your design.

#2 – Inject Your Brand Everywhere

Too many entrepreneurs think that once they have a logo they like, they’re done with branding. Actually, your brand should infuse everything you do, and it should shine through every page of your website.

Yes, your logo is important. Everyone recognizes the brands of Apple and Target without needing to see the company’s name. But think about how those brands infuse their sensibility into everything they do. Target’s website is saturated with its signature red color, and even the walls of its brick-and-mortar stores carry the same colorful message.

Your Brand Everywhere

The simple lines of Apple’s logo are reflected in the clean design aesthetic of its products and its website. Even an Apple store, with its spare, uncluttered look, stands out instantly, whether you see the giant Apple logo over the doorway or not. In the same way, you should translate your own brand’s personality to every page of your site.

#3 – Write Content With Your Unique Voice

When you connect with prospective customers in a voice that speaks to them in a unique way, they’re more likely to pay attention. This means that plain-wrap copy won’t do for your site.

Whether you create your own content or hire people to do it for you, a statement that describes your voice can be helpful. Ask yourself where you stand on the following parameters:

  • Formal vs. playful
  • Literal vs. metaphorical
  • Earnest vs. snarky
  • Thorough vs. snappy

Looking at websites with the feel you’re aiming for can help you narrow down your voice. Once you determine the tone that makes your website feel the most authentic to your brand, make sure every page of your site reflects it, including your business slogan.

#4 – Invest in Excellent Photography

When you see a stock photo on a website, you likely feel that something’s a bit off, that it’s not authentic. You may not be able to express why, but that feeling is real.

Excellent Photography

And if you choose stock photos or poor photography for your own brand’s site, your customers are likely to respond the same way. Your brand’s image is more powerful than you realize, and intangible details like excellent photography matter a lot.

Studies show that generic photography that acts as decorative filler on your site is generally ignored. In contrast, detailed photos that provide information to your visitors are looked at closely, making professional photography an excellent investment as you build your site.

If you’re looking for a website that stands out from your competition and builds your brand, Zaaax Design is ready to help. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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