5 Clichés About Web Design You Should Avoid

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Article post by Milyn Anne

Today, people are quick to form an opinion or judgment about a business based on its website. If they are not impressed with the web design, most visitors will be likely to move on to other options.

To attract higher traffic and generate more revenue, it’s important to create a website that is user-friendly and is a responsive design. This can help you build a loyal consumer base in a short time and establish a strong presence in the digital world.

So, focus on providing a good user experience with your website design and avoid clichés as well.

When it comes to creating a website, there are quite a few things to keep in mind before you get started on the project. Here are some clichés that you should avoid.

1. Simple Means Minimal

This is commonly believed by a lot of people and can prevent growth in the long run. Simple web design does not mean that it’s minimalist as well. If you consider the first element, it’s associated with the accessibility and navigation of the website.

Simplicity means that a platform is functional, loads quickly and has been optimized for different screens or resolutions. When it comes to minimalism in web design, the term might be used in another way.

A minimalist website has fewer visual elements such as imagery or videos and people can easily scroll through without getting overwhelmed or confused.

You can consider layouts that have a lot of white space and borders. While simple and minimal may have a similar meaning, you should avoid the cliché when designing a business website or eCommerce platform.

2. Affordable Designs are not High-Quality.

It is another popular cliché that gets a lot of attention from business owners in the eCommerce industry. Affordable websites can appear professional and have all the elements that engage the audience from the first look.

If you hire a designer or work with an agency that offers a reasonable price, it does not impact the quality of the website. You can still collaborate on the project to create a platform that represents your business or brand accurately.

Mostly, affordable web design means that you may get a website hosted on WordPress or another content management system. Business owners can add interactive animations, high-quality visuals, and valuable information to draw more visitors and keep them on the page for a long time.

You should also include visual brand elements such as the logo design, font styles and relevant colours. It is important to focus on including the right elements in your business logo so you can connect with the target audience easily.

3. All Low-Cost Websites look Similar.

Now, many people may consider this web design cliché as the truth. It’s not entirely correct because you can always get an attractive and modern website at a reasonable price. Low-cost websites are not all similar to each other and business owners can easily highlight their unique factors with certain elements.

Provide a smooth user experience and incorporate imagery that tells people about the brand from the first look.

If you are designing a website with a CMS or working with a professional, you should keep these factors in mind. This could help you launch an online platform that is different from others and can be maintained on a budget.

4. UI and UX are not Connected.

A well-designed website requires both UI and UX to work together. Some people might believe that the two are separate from each other and can be connected later on. This is a cliché that could impact the success of a website in the long run.

To create an eCommerce store or platform that attracts a wider audience and increases conversions, designers link UI with UX. The user interface is associated with how a website appears to visitors while user experience is based on the way they interact with it.

Professionals who are experts in the two processes work with each other to create a website that looks attractive and is functional on multiple devices.

5. Visitors do not Read Through the Content

This is another common cliché that you might have heard from a few people in web design. Sometimes, business owners or designers may not pay a lot of attention to adding valuable content to the website as visitors are expected to skim through in minutes.

You will be surprised to know that many people tend to read the important information or details that are featured on the home page or landing pages as well.

It’s essential to create website content that conveys the message instantly and convinces people to act too.


These are some of the web design clichés that you should avoid from the beginning. If you are looking to create or launch an online store or business website, it’s a good idea to do competitor research and get an insight into the preferences of the audience. In the end, you need to focus on user experience and design a website that encourages visitors to return later on.

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