5 Reasons Why Ecommerce Is Important for Your Business

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Recent studies suggest that many people will continue to shop in stores, and this demand is much more significant with online shoppers. Online shopping is expected to grow at an incredible rate, with 56 % of Gen Xers and 67% of the millennials preferring to shop online.

Financial specialists and business loan providers at Credit Capital were surprised at the rate of e-commerce growth. Head of sales, Alister Clare, says, “We’re happy to have helped and see massive growth in our clients adopting e-commerce. Most of them are making positive feedback and reviews on how they’ve succeeded in incorporating e-commerce in their existing business. One of our clients reported having reached $700 billion in profits last year alone. By 2021, it will make up more sales and is forecast to profit $4,000 billion.

If the numbers overwhelm you, then the time is high to incorporate e-commerce in your business. To help you decide, read on the top five reasons why e-commerce is essential for your business:

Provides You With a 24/7/365 Open Store

e-Commerce retailers enjoy store schedules which are 24/7, 365 days a year. This benefits the business owner as time and availability will not hinder their business. They can get orders and process payments anytime, any day, and anywhere. It is also beneficial for customers, as they can buy goods or set appointments for services whenever they want.

Provides a More Convenient Way of Shopping

Aside from a store that’s always open, e-Commerce sites offer incredible convenience to clients–particularly in this age of hectic lifestyles. By opening an online shop, you can fit into the busy lives of your customers.  You will be making your products or services accessible anytime they need them.

Easily Adopts Business Growth

As your business grows, you want to broaden your product or service range, to reach more clients. An e-Commerce website allows you to add more products or services, payment options, shipping alternatives, etc. You do not need to change location, acquire a bigger warehouse, or hire more staff right away. An e-Commerce site can gradually scale your business.

Reduces Operations Cost

Having an online store means you do not have to display all your products in a physical space. This means you do not need to buy or rent a bigger store. The same holds with expenses associated with doing business such as electricity bills, internet bills, employees’ wages, etc. With e-commerce, you will be reducing your costs by around 50-70%.

Helps your Business Go Global

Helps your Business Go Global

On top of everything else, e-commerce enables you to place your products or services anywhere in the world. Customers do not need to come to where you are to see what you have to sell.

If you are operating a physical store, you will have restrictions on geographical areas you can serve. You can reach customers across countries and time zones.

An Online Store That Converts

Starting an e-commerce business is usually reasonably simple, low-risk, and low-cost. As long as you choose your products wisely and have an effective business plan, there’s a lot of opportunity for passive income and high ROI (return on investment) over the long term.

ZAAAX Design is a trusted firm for building e-commerce platforms. We make sure that our client’s stores are not only professional-looking but are also user-friendly. With our design and system in place, business owners are guaranteed to own an online store that converts.

Contact us to learn more about what we can do to help your business grow.

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