5 Ways Businesses Can Create a Productive Office

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Article post by Julie Morris

Productivity is a priority for every business owner. The best way you can cultivate a productive office environment is to show your employees that their health and well-being matter to you. Here, ZAAAX Design presents a few ways you can turn your office into a calming space and encourage your employees to take advantage of the atmosphere.

1. Offer Free Massages On-Site

Free on-site massages at work may sound a little extreme. However, it can increase productivity and make your employees feel appreciated. Research shows corporate wellness programs have a strong effect on company culture and boost employee morale overall. Work can be stressful. When employees need a moment to breathe and re-establish their mind body spirit connection after an anxious encounter or important presentation, you can offer them an even better experience with on-site massage services. It doesn’t have to be a daily thing. Just keep them in the office when you know your workers are going to have a stressful day.

2. Provide Access to Mental Health Resources

Employers can help remove the stigma from mental health by acknowledging that it is just as important as physical health. Provide benefits and resources for workers to reach out and get professional help for mental health struggles. There are fascinating ways that therapists can help encourage mind plasticity through sessions, which “rewires” your brain for new responses. You can place a list of therapists in the area in the employee handbook, do mental health checks by talking to employees privately about how they are feeling, and encourage them to use the resources you provide.

Now that online therapy is an option, employees no longer need to worry about finding the time to schedule an appointment. They have access to specialists and other mental health professionals from their phones. You could even offer partial reimbursements for treatments. Thankfully, most platforms accept insurance.

3. Take Work Events Outdoors

You can make work healthy and exciting. Have regular events outside when the weather is amicable. For example, take your meetings to a local park where you can enjoy time outdoors and get some work done. Have your weekly pow-pow at a coffee shop. Have a few big team-building events annually, such as going to the zoo or on an excursion. Find a way to give back when you can. For example, you could pay for employees to participate in a walk for charity. Talk to them about charities they would like to support.

4. Encourage Gratitude in the Office

Encourage gratitude first by being an example. Show your employees you are thankful for their contributions to the company with verbal acknowledgments and rewards. Practice gratitude when it matters the most and have the presence of mind to see when tensions exist. For example, if the company is in the wake of precarious times, you can show leadership by taking that time to talk about thanksgiving.

As a leader, you can also help your employees feel valued by listening to their feedback and criticisms and empowering them to make their own decisions. Avoid micromanaging and do your best to put into practice some of the things your employees suggest.

5. Provide Healthy Snacks in the Breakroom

Snacking is a must in an office environment. Unfortunately, not everyone will remember to bring something to snack on at work or even have time to pack it in the morning. Eliminate that issue for them by offering a snack table in the breakroom with plenty of healthy options. You can poll workers to see what they would eat and have the office assistant keep it stocked.

Cultivate a Healthy Work Environment

Your business reflects who you are. Having a calm, productive office space where employees feel cared for and respected will create a positive company reputation. Take advantage of the opportunities you afford employees for yourself as well.

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