5 Web Design Trends to Being Unique

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Article post by Ashlie Lopez

Web design trends are a reflection of emergent technology and have left an impactful mark on society to this day and age. Every day designers develop more innovations and materials to enhance a web’s aesthetics and functionality to cater to target audiences.

From significant advancement in the AI sector to metaverse and VR, web development has reached new heights right next to SEO services. Web designers’ key purposes are to encourage immersion, cinematic techniques, and simulation in development for brands and organizations.

During the pandemic, VR and metaverse have inspired joyful, escapist experiences.

A good web design will empower your business and encourage it to stand out among competitors. It is a part of the brand’s identity and builds an image to guide customers of your brand’s concept.

A good design is crucial for a good impression. This article has compiled a list of web design trends for your brand to follow.

1. Nostalgic designs

Sometimes web design is about looking backward and taking a trip down memory lane. Nostalgic designs are an excellent way to connect emotionally with your target audience.

This is generally easy and fun because you can recycle old trends and aesthetics that entire generations have loved.

You will also find it resonating with newer generations since retro is a popular revived trend. Some nostalgic design elements you can incorporate into your web designs are simple shapes, unique linework, two-toned colour schemes, vintage-style typography, old-school textures, or cartoon-style illustrations.

Ensure that your nostalgic designs align with your brand’s personality for the most impact.

2. Horizontal scrolling

Nearly every website you’ve browsed through uses vertical scrolling, but in 2023, horizontal scrolling is increasingly becoming a trend. This seamless design saves time when a visitor wants to scroll through a gallery of photos.

It provides unique and memorable experiences for visitors, encouraging them to return to your website soon. It is an intuitive process for smartphone users, which is growing in numbers in e-commerce platforms.

This web design idea is unique and best to use when a brand wants to share a lot of visual content to avoid your web page from appearing cluttered.

3. Immersive 3D worlds

Take scrolling to the next level by implementing 3D worlds to give viewers a realistic experience of your page. This trend evolves immersive websites into fully rendered 3D worlds. Immersion is a popular concept and has been implemented in many ways by web designers.

However, taking your audience through a journey to digital space is the next level of innovative technology. You can add subtle music for a cinematic touch allowing your visitors to access permission first. Pulling this off may take a great deal of effort, but it is well worth every penny.

4. Hover able iconography

Clutter on a webpage can be a nuisance. It may lag and ultimately discourage any viewer from further browsing your website. One way to avoid this is hover able iconography.

It keeps the text on a page to a minimum and keeps it from looking visually appealing, with a bunch of words clouding the aesthetics of your page.

Well-known icons like the shopping bag, account, and search ones do not require a tag since they are widely used on websites. However, the lesser-known icons would benefit from a brief description addressing what they represent.

The best way to do this is to integrate a hover-triggered text.

5. Supplemental video

Human beings are complex with their personalities and preferences. This also means that when browsing through a webpage, they have their own viewing style, making reading a blog or website and absorbing the knowledge more convenient.

People may even prefer informational videos or listening to vlogs over reading lengthy blogs. It’s pretty simple to cater to both types by integrating supplemental videos.

You’re not likely to downgrade a site’s loading speed, so avoiding the recurrence of autoplay videos can be suitable for your website and brand image.

Enable a visible play button so a viewer can immediately watch a video if that aligns with their preference.

In conclusion

There are five design trends that can help you feel unique. Nostalgic designs appeal to people of all ages since the love for retro art still lives. Incorporating this style into your web design will attract your target audience and create a stylish aesthetic.

Another web design feature is horizontal scrolling which is perfect when you need to display a gallery of pictures and to avoid cluttering, and horizontal scrolling becomes the ideal option. You can even add immersive 3D worlds to enhance the viewer’s overall experience.

Additionally, hover able iconography will prevent the need to fit words into every place. To adjust to your audience’s learning experience, including supplemental videos.

We hope this article has been insightful and helps make your brand unique. Thank you for reading!

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