6 Reasons Why Your PPC Campaign Is Not Converting

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Article post by Hannah Johnson

A successful PPC campaign requires various elements whether you need more sales, leads, or brand exposure. Many businesses get success in acquiring potential customers through PPC ads by reaching a wider audience and successfully converting them.

Many businesses make some common mistakes, their PPC campaign will fail as a result and prevent them from a good ROI. You can reach your target audience quickly by using PPC advertising but it’s not easy to run a successful PPC campaign. So let’s have a look at some reasons why your PPC campaigns might fail.

Budget Issues

When it comes to spending a budget, advertisers become conscious of it. Most of the time, new advertisers spend less when they start their PPC campaigns. As a result, their ads stop after the budget is exhausted and they think their PPC wasn’t worthful. There are chances that your competitors might spend more than you which can be the downfall of your campaign.

Having a limited budget, you’ll bid too low and probably won’t stand up in front of your competitors. Sometimes campaigns fail because of their low budget without getting substantial clicks.

Lack of Communication Between the Sales & Marketing Team

Sometimes marketing and sales teams don’t communicate with each other, it is a common observation in many companies. When everyone points their fingers at others that creates problems. Here are some questions that each team should think about to start the conversation:

  • How long does it take for a sales team to contact an initial lead?
  • How long is the sales cycle actually?
  • Are there any key trends coming up in unqualified leads?
  • When are the responsibilities of leads to convert PPC marketing to sales?

This is a strategic concept that doesn’t work only with PPC but with the whole business.

Not Having a Landing Page

The most important reason for the failure of a PPC campaign is not having a landing page. If you don’t create a landing page, advertisers can’t understand the difference between a home page and a landing page. Both pages are important for a website. The home page gives you an introduction to a website and it serves as a table of content.

A landing page is a specific page on your website which is built for one single conversion objective. So, it will be better if you send your users to a landing page rather than a home page because there they can see every single objective that clearly elaborates on the particular product or service.

If the landing page consists of PPC ads it will bring more conversions and improve CTR.

Inappropriate Campaign Management

Marketers set their mindset to create campaigns and ad groups, set bids & budgets, target keywords, and make ads and then forget about it. Creating a good PPC is just the beginning but if you want to make it successful just optimise it, copy, bid, and other PPC elements. You have to give proper time to it.

Many businesses assume that they can manage their PPC well with other business activities. But it is not as easy as you think, it requires undivided focus and attention and should be separately handled.

The best option is to hire an experienced and professional PPC manager to make the most out of their PPC campaigns.

Unclear end goals

You can’t succeed if you don’t have clear goals and objectives. Having no goal means you just work on something and don’t care about the result whether it will be good or not. People make their goals in every factor of life like the goal of financial future planning, retirement, money saving, investment, etc. The same goes for PPC campaigns too.

You can’t decide the success point of your PPC Campaigns without having measurable goals. Hence, before starting any PPC campaign, clearly define the goal and success points so that you can measure the results accordingly.

Having a goal is the basic principle of any marketing plan and yet many advertisers fail to set it at the beginning of setting the PPC campaign.

Too Much Focus On Cost Per Lead

There is no doubt that PPC marketing is a platform for generating leads. Marketers believe that the cost per lead measures the productivity of the PPC campaigns. Cost per lead is only a sign and not a measure of the success of the PPC campaigns.

So, have a look at your conversion rate and focus on that instead of focusing on how much you are paying for every lead that is generated.

Wrap Up

These are some reasons why the PPC campaign didn’t get successful. By doing this, companies not only waste thousands of dollars but also lose trust in the PPC mode of advertising.

Now it’s time to beat the failure reasons by making the reasons and getting insights to improve performance so that the PPC campaigns become successful.

If your PPC campaign fails once, don’t give up, just learn how you can improve it.

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