7 Reasons Why You Should Upcycle Content for Marketing

Published On: September 26th, 2020Categories: Search Marketing, Web Design620 words3.1 min read

As the old marketing saying goes, “content is king,” but they fail to point out that creating new and fresh content is not easy. But there is another way around this dilemma and it involves old, already published content. It’s been suggested that repurposing content could have the same benefit as publishing new ones. Below are some reasons how this could be achieved.

  1. It can help you achieve several goals

If you have content that is performing quite well in a particular area, there is a high chance that it could also perform well in others. Maybe you have video content that talks about the features of your new backpack and have been received well by hikers. Repurposing it to target motorcycle and bike riders, and even digital nomads who are known for using backpacks to haul their gears around.

  1. It could redeem unsuccessful content

Let’s face it, not all content that we produce is going to do really well and achieve all the goals. Some will fall short and won’t get as much traction. But just because it didn’t perform well doesn’t mean it’s completely useless. It might be the context the content is being presented that’s affecting its success. If you repurpose that content, give it another spin or edit the point of view, there’s a chance it could resonate with a different demographic.

  1. It could reach a new audience

Think of the content you posted a couple of years ago. Regardless of how they did, the people those posts were targeted to have grown up and changed. And keep in mind more and more people are creating new social media accounts or are just discovering online content. If the old blog post was targeted to a certain age demographic, you could repurpose it to target the same group but in current times. This could be a way to get new audience members for your site.

  1. It could help diversify your content

When it comes to marketing, consistency is key but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should rely on the same medium all the time. It helps you and your brand if you diversify a little bit across different marketing channels. If you do, you’d be pleased to know that you don’t need to make different content for different channels. You can just repurpose some of your content to fit the channel you’ll be sharing it with. This will make your messaging consistent across different channels.

  1. It makes time and effort more efficient

As any digital marketing agency will say, your time is gold. The more you have time to spend on growing the business or your brand, the more chance you will achieve your goals. Content creation is time-consuming. In fact, some marketers and brand owners even delegate those tasks to freelancers but that’s another added expense. By repurposing content, you have more time to spend on other more pressing tasks while still maintaining a strong online presence.

  1. It helps improve your SEO

A great benefit to repurposing content is you’ll be able to churn out more online content that will significantly impact your SEO. Search engines like Google favor sites that it can trust. Therefore, the more content you have on your site, the higher it will be ranked.

  1. It strengthens your brand message

It might seem redundant that the content you’ve already released will be used and converted into another form. But the point of repurposing is to reiterate important information you want to convey. By repurposing, you’re able to strengthen the message of your brand and in doing so boost its reputation.

New content is always preferable over a repurposed one. But repurposing older ones is not going to penalize you or your site.

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