8 Tips To Improve Your Website Design

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After visiting your website, can your visitors determine what services your business is offering? Can your users easily navigate through your website? Is it simple for them to understand the layout?

If the answer to all these questions is ‘no’ then probably it is the right time for you to improve your website design.

A website can’t succeed by excelling in restricted aspects (like on the design and content). It needs to have a layout that feeds into your site’s functionality, user experience, and much more.

Your site also needs to clearly communicate with your viewers that why you do it, for whom you do it for and what you do.

So, what do you require to know to begin updating your website design?

To answer that, here are 8 tips to ensure that you’re moving in the right way in your redesign and are ensuring you aren’t turning visitants away.

1. Get a Responsive Website Design

Get a Responsive Website Design

Nowadays, people have begun using their portable devices more for browsing, which is what eventually led sites to move towards a responsive design and why Google started castigating websites which are not mobile-friendly.

So, if you have your own site, you have presumably built a responsive version of it — but in a case, if you haven’t, it’s the right time to do that. A responsive or mobile-friendly design will certainly do wonders for your business and help you get placed in higher SERPs.

2. Simple Navigation is a Must

Simple Navigation is a Must

If you don’t want your visitants to go away from your website because they can’t get the navigation, then do the best to make it as easy as feasible.

You should have not more than eight things in the menu (the logic here is to make it simple for visitants to navigate the services), so for that try to be as detailed as feasible in your designs, and even have your menu bar set. That way, your visitants will be able to stay more than six seconds on your website.

3. Loading Speed Should be the Good One

Loading Speed Should be the Good One

Website speed has long been considered in the industry of marketing, and it’s one of the foremost reasons why a number of visitors move away from some sites.

In fact, if you’ve got a delay of three-second in the loading time, the possibilities are that your possible clients will abandon and you’ll end up with one client less than you began with. So, work on advancing up your sites before you do anything else and in that, you can make use of some tools as well.

4. Make a Clear Call to Action

Make a Clear Call to Action

Does having a Call to Action (CTA) button on the web page means something? Indeed, surely, it does. Researches have revealed that orange CTA buttons raise growth rates by 33.8%, whereas red buttons raise rates by 23%.

Now, that’s a significant distinction right here for your site. Plus, if you want the CTAs to be game-changers for you, make certain to get actionable words in it like find, begin, know, etc.

5. Get the Most Out of Social Media

Get the Most Out of Social Media

Well, we all know that social media is ruling the world. There’re more than 900 million active users on Instagram and 150 million everyday active users on Twitter, and this is why it’s essential for your site to provide social buttons to the visitants.

There’s a possibility that they will admire what they see, share their views on their social media networks, and boost the presence of your brand even more.

6. Reduce Choices

Reduce Choices

Lots of people keep on saying how great diversity is. Well, in social media diversity is tremendous. Having so many options only complicates the customer, who finishes up not availing the service due to not being capable of making up his or her mind.

Therefore, keep the site uncomplicated and make sure that the visitant stays on the homepage for as much time as possible. So, reduce fields, have only one CTA button and make sure to have a uniformity on the page.

7. Use Photos, but it Should be the One Which is Worth a Thousand Words

Use Photos, but it Should be the One Which is Worth a Thousand Words

We all find visuals appealing, and that’s the truth. No matter if that visual is in the form of video, pictures or GIFs, we all draw our lots of attention towards it. In fact, one report has claimed that users use 10% more time seeing at pictures of people on ‘About Us’ pages than they do on anything else.

This implies that you should try to include some great visuals site. You can also consider using stock photos from:

  • Little Visuals
  • Unsplash
  • Canva
  • Pexels

8. Use Colors to Your Advantage

Use Colors to Your Advantage

The choice of colors matters a lot on the complete site. In this, you should prefer picking some bright color, and then add complementary colors to create an eye-catchy effect.

The standard style for color communication is known as Pantone, and every person who’s in the industry of marketing or website design are aware of it.

Final Words:

Once you consider these tips and ensure that you are following it in the right way, then I’m pretty much certain then you’re moving forward in the betterment of your website design in the right way.

What your views are on it? Do you have some more tips that also be considered? If yes, feel free to share it.

Author Bio:

Liza Kosh is known for her tremendous contribution as a senior writer who loves to share her views on topics covering upcoming technology and the market trends. She is currently associated with a website design company based in the USA as a content strategist.

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