Avada Vs. Astra: The Best WordPress Theme

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Article post by Arlene Westcott.

So who wins the Avada vs Astra contest? When choosing the best WordPress theme for your business, you will find hundreds of options available on WordPress development services. But we wanted to help our readers determine the right choice between the contest Avada vs Astra, which is the best option for their company or personal website.

We spent nearly 90 hours researching these themes and testing their features against functionality before deciding. Avada ended up being the better option but not by much. They are both perfect solutions for new websites or businesses looking to change their current site.

The biggest thing you want in any WordPress theme is the ease of use combined with powerful features that allow you to make your website unique. If you wish to the elements but are frustrated with how it looks or how simple it is to navigate, what’s the point?

At first glance, both Avada and Astra look very similar. They are not template-based but rather theme-based, which means that they have a more significant deal of customizability without hiring a developer for every little change. Instead, you can edit your content directly from your dashboard in just minutes.

The biggest difference between these two themes has nothing to do with their appearance but rather their functionality. While both offer additional plugins and extensions that add more features than even some high-end premium themes provide, we found that Avada offered more out of the box. It was easier to work with and had more features than Astra without additional purchases.

While Avada is our favourite because of these reasons, Astra is still by no means a poor choice. If you are looking for something that looks just as good but doesn’t have quite the power that Avada does, then it’s probably your best bet. We included both themes in this article to highlight the differences so that you can make an educated decision on which one is right for your company or website. If you need help making the final decision, feel free to contact us for assistance.

If you want to know more about what makes each theme unique (and why we picked Avada over Astra), read our complete comparison below:

Why we picked Avada:

Avada offers more than just a beautiful and easy-to-use theme but also an extensive collection of unique features that set it apart from the rest. Some of these include:

  • The largest number of custom shortcodes available (over 60)
  • Unlimited Portfolios with multiple options such as Carousels, Sliders, and Grid Styles to help showcase your work in an elegant way
  • Powerful Theme Options Panel allows you to edit 100s of design elements quickly and easily without knowing code
  • Live YouTube Video integration so visitors can watch videos straight from their website without leaving or clicking a link first   – Ability to create unlimited sidebars for maximum flexibility – 100 translation ready with over 50 language files
  • It has Integration with free plugins like WooCommerce, Slider Revolution, Bravo Page Builder, Essential Grid, and many more. The possibilities are endless with Avada!
  • SEO Optimized – Avada is consistently ranked as the #1 theme for SEO due to its optimization options and unique title/description structure. It means your site will have a better chance of being found.

While Astra does not come close to offering this many features out of the box, it provides plenty that you would need to create an amazing-looking website for your business or personal site. Some of these include:

  • Ultra-Responsive design supports all screen sizes from mobile phones up to high-resolution displays, ensuring your website can be seen on any device
  • Easily change the colour of each element on your website to match your branding
  • WooCommerce support so you can sell your products online via WordPress

Why We Picked Astra:

If you are looking for a beautifully designed theme, Astra is the clear winner. Its modern design is easily one of our favourites within Avada and all other themes we tested. Combined with a fantastic page builder plugin called Bravo Page Builder, it makes it much easier to create custom pages without knowing any code.

Bottom Line:

The biggest difference between these two themes lies in their functionality – what they are capable of before purchasing any extensions or plugins. When comparing each theme’s feature sets side by side, there was no contest as to which theme was the clear winner.

It makes Avada not only your best choice for an attractive theme but also an intelligent business investment as you will have access to limitless features and design options that can grow with your company over time.

Overall, both themes are exceptional options if you want a beautiful website. However, when comparing their functionality out of the box, there is no contest – Avada offers more than any other WordPress Theme on the market.

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