Your Business Website Must Have 8 Things

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Your Business Website Must Haves

For a business website, it is true that any business regardless of size must have a good website in order to reach success. In today’s digital age, people have certain expectations when it comes to business websites. Perhaps you may be in need of a complete website redesign. In order to stand out from the competition, it’s not enough to have a business website, but to also incorporate significant features. Here is a list of 10 essential items your business website must have.

  1. Easy to remember domain name

The very first thing that represents you, your brand, and informs your audience who you are is your domain name. The domain name needs to be carefully chosen. Therefore, the best approach is to choose a short, clear and easy to remember name. Since you are going to be using the name for marketing and promotional purposes, you probably want to have something that people can easily say and type. Another thing, if you want to ensure that your name will be easily remembered, make sure that your domain name ends with com, net or org.

  1. Tell your story

To find out more about your business, users usually first visit the ‘About Us’ page, especially the ones who visit your website for the first time. Adding personality to your website is one of the most important things you need to do. Make sure that you cover where and when your business was founded, include photos and facts that support your statements, and be sincere when you tell the whole story in the ‘About Us’ section. Also, include freshness and fun in the content, as well as personality, which will lead readers to get to know you and your business a bit better. Visitors should be able to find out who you are and what your business is about, just few seconds after visiting your website.

  1. Easy Navigation

On your business website, it is very important to enable easy navigation which should always be on the top of the page. With clear navigation on your site, visitors will be able to immediately find what they are looking for by being only a click away from the main pages of your business website. If a person is on your website it’s a sign they’re interested in your business and services. This is your chance to convert them into clients. Don’t miss it. Easy navigation across your pages is a pretty good place to start.

  1. Good content with visuals

A website without good quality content and visual representations means nothing for visitors. In fact, it can only hurt business. But before you dive into deep waters of content generation, you need to ensure that the content will be useful for your target audience. Essentially, useful content will drive visitors to become potential customers. It is important that your web pages are full with great, unique and original content that represents the best of you and your business. It takes only a few seconds for the user to become interested in your business, so make sure that you get (and hold) their full attention through the content displayed on your business website content you will get the full attention of the user.

Moreover, you should update the content on your website regularly. If visitors notice that your site is not being updated, your business will definitely lose its credibility. On average, visitors spend 59 seconds on a website so make every second count.

  1. Call to action buttons

Generally, business websites require good call to action buttons on every page of the site. Catchy call to actions should be included several times throughout your web pages. Adding a box that highlights the contact information definitely encourages users to take a certain action. When you decide on the call to action button, make a decision what you want the user to do, simply make your goal. Make a good balance so your call to action button will not look like a sale call, but rather a genuine urge to help.

Business Website

  1. References and referrals

Once visitors are on your website they will like to get insights into how they can benefit from your business and the services you offer. In order to direct them into action, they will definitely want to know why they should choose you instead of choosing someone else. People trust other people. Therefore, it’s essential to include some testimonials from your past clients and projects. This will build client trust and increase chances of new visitors becoming new clients and engaging with your products and services.

  1. Build a mobile-friendly website

Nowadays, the number of mobile phone users has doubled especially in the past few years and is expected to surpass the five billion mark by 2019. Consequently, building a mobile-friendly website is not just a possibility today, but a must.

Did you know that more than 90 % of the consumers use their mobiles while shopping. Due to this reason, when making your business website mobile friendly, make sure it is adaptable to the needs of mobile users. The main features that your mobile website should have are easy navigation, direct click-to-call button, easy to read content, and maps that show where your business is located.

Business Website

  1. Live chat

If your goal is to create an engaging experience for your current and potential customers, your business website needs to have a live chat option. Adding live chat functionality on your website helps your customers get in touch with you more easily. In fact, one of the main reasons for adding a live chat to your business website is that it gives customers the option to contact you directly without wasting time searching for your business phone number or email address. It is definitely worth having.

Although there are many features that make up a good business website, these 8 elements are considered to be the key elements. If your website is missing some of these features; it’s definitely the time to add them. Your business will thank you in the long run.

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