Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Web Designers at the Workplace?

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The term “artificial intelligence” was given by John McCarthy. He is also regarded as the father of artificial intelligence. The origin and the development of AI dates back to 1956, where the basic idea was to define and reflect human thinking through a symbolic system; one where you can present the thoughts of human mind vividly.

In web development arena, AI has been designed to create hyper-customized web pages that hosts unique contents in a very personalized form. It sought to make human function more effectively and of course, in a shorter course of time.

AI has grown to be an indispensable part of web design world, where, it aims to operate though ADI or, Artificial Design Intelligence that runs smart data applications that can automate the whole process of web designing and development, from scratch to full-fledged. Additionally, AI quests after to make out-of-the-box ideas and helps its human counterparts to implement that with utmost easiness.

Some of the activities that are performed by AI in web designing are learning, planning, solving issues from customer experience to building web pages, voice recognition technology and so on and so forth.

Objectives of AI

The foundation of AI rests on two fundamental reasons:

  • Due to the inability of traditional web designing tools to develop web pages expertly, customers were not very attracted to use such sites. Therefore, to enable customers to increase their usage of web sites, AI was needed to be put to use, primarily. Software development was transformed to be highly productive through the implementation of AI and ADI tools.
  • In the face of growing competition and businesses trying to be better, the question of quality is always enhanced. In a world of growing quantity, it is critical to pay attention towards quality, so as to sustain in the competition for longest run.

From traditional outdated tastes to value added concepts; all has been performed very swiftly and productively by AI. Especially, when it comes to satisfying user experience, because after all, they are the prime start and end of any business, AI implements statistical analysis to predict customer experience in real time.

The Crux

Clearly, AI has proven itself to be of utmost help, to aid humans in creating web pages, that has been able to enhance user experience, to a large extent. Not just that, but also, it has constantly transforming and building better ways to aid web designers in web development. For instance, AI web design tools helps to construct web pages without having to start over from basic. At any stage it can aid you to do build websites with smart and innovative web tools’ application.

Witnessing the way that AI is creating its way ahead, it is rather a curious journey that’ll unveil its potential in the long run. Advancements are being made and the way ahead is full of possibilities, which brings us to wonder if, as my title says, can AI replace web designers, will there come a time when web designers will no longer be needed and if AI would completely take over? Along that line, the question also is, if AI can perform tasks with the same productivity, as they do with the help of humans now? Or will be they self- sufficient?

Here, you can’t help but think, AI was created by man and man puts AI in action, so if we were to paint the picture ahead right now, what would it seem like. That is what the following section is about:

Laying Down the Role of AI in Web Designing

  • AI helps to augment better content through its ADI implementation and seeks to drive traffic to website channels for higher sales productivity. Especially, for one man operations where attention has to be given equally, on content development and its promotion. AI helps to enable businesses to target customers to their web pages.
  • AI makes the usual mundane tasks handier by automation in database updates, in no time. Such as, image editing and cropping, generation of predictive codes to resolve software problems, faster searches, changing hand drawn drawings into codes. For example, ADI tools like Sketc2Code, can help to transform your hand drawn sketches into HTML coding.

The entire process is quickened due to its faster algorithmic operations.

  • AI when used consistently, is able to make prediction on user habits and adapts itself to that scenario, to point out and as well as rectify mistakes. It can doubtlessly calculate and edit errors while assuring quality through automation and without human interference.
  • AI enhances customer interaction through reply prediction with the help of Chatbots. It gives the ability to power human behavior through the use of AI that focuses to analyze consumer data and create behavior predictability. AI makes designers better able, to curate designs, according to consumer demand predictions as anticipated.
  • AI ensures accurate web site security, especially in Chatbot’s security measures, such as, data encryption, behavior analysis and multiple factors authentication.
  • Voice based searches have risen through the built of Artificial Intelligence where it aims to simplify user’s experience by facilitation of easy voice searches and user interaction.

A Special Mention – ADI, Artificial Design Intelligence

Simply stated, artificial design intelligence works its way in web designing and development with a human-like intelligence. Such as, in the form of visual perception, image recognition, speech recognition, neural network, language translations and proper decision making. This will help designers to concentrate on the creative aspect of a webpage, while the more algorithm based repetitive tasks be performed by ADI. They are built with human like intelligence which helps designers, whether a pro or a beginner, to easily sketch out web designs without too much of a hassle.

  • For example, ADI tools such as Adobe Sensei has the ability to edit and make changes (as you desire) through ADI’s image identification patterns. WIX’s ADI tool will help you to make appealing responsive websites; all you need to do is feed in data and it will engage in research and browsing to find similar websites, while also suggesting you other specifications, which you may consider to include in your web page.
  • The top ADI design tool is the Grid, it is use since 10 years now, exclusively helps a designer to design websites at an unimaginable fast rate and error free! Its assistant tool, Molly, by now has created over 200,000 websites. It provides multiple color palettes and supplies indefinite content suggestions. It benefits new users by giving them an easy access to active online community that’ll provide them with more knowledge about related field.
  • Another special mention is the Firedrop, with its assistant, Sacha, helps in easy web customization through interactive chatbots and due to its mobile-friendly design, it is most preferred by customers.

Now, all these facts and figures are very lucrative and appealing. One cannot help but think how AI has significantly changed the world of designers and web designing. Starting from, being equally helpful for professional designers and budding start-ups to enhancing website’s customization, provide feedbacks and suggestions to web designers. But, all these, performed with such ease and comfort requires an initial input by a web designer. That is why, like I mentioned earlier, there is a lingering question of self-sufficiency in AI and whether or not they can perform without the helping human hand!

Therefore, we ought to take a closer look while critically examining the disadvantages that comes along, with the advantages of using AI and ADI tools and techniques.

Boons and Banes

While on one hand AI aids to minimize errors and glitches, on the other hand, the maintenance of AI software and many ADI tools can be expensive due to its frequent software upgradations and virus-free maintenance. Just like the saying goes, quality comes with a price!

AI enables to carry out prolonged work process, through their techniques and tools but then, they cannot bring in creativity and innovation that a human brain can.

AI serves a better user experience, but the essence of human-touch cannot be remotely forged by machines and software.

ADI tools, like the Grid’s assistant molly though provides multiple color palette choices but, once you have selected what you need, it restricts any further modifications that can be made. Some ADI tools like WIX ADI cannot perform efficient SEO and many are of the view, that Wix incorporates a sluggish rate of work with very poor SEO functions. Additionally, as stated by many SEO experts, the traditional Wix editor is supposedly more flexible than the recent Wix ADI.

The Journey Ahead

The way ahead is interesting and cannot be right away accurately predicted as to if they can outperform humans in every side and curb their need in web designing. Conclusively, many such ADI tools that can perform editing and cropping are poor in their output while there is a continued problem, with the kind of finish touch that these tools make on web designing. Many such tools have begun charges on them with the growing demand that has somewhere bought about a negative aspect towards the efficiency cultivated by these ADI tools.

One can say, that they do make human work more beautified, in lesser time, while saving costs and expenses to a large extent. It allows smooth functioning with a lot more accuracy and hence is truly a great helping hand to man. And, exactly so, it is a helping hand! It operates to aid humans, make their work easier, help to augment their creative and innovative prospects but the input is that of human. Therefore, replacing web designers is a far away thought and is not viable.

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Aditya is the founder of Digital Polo a unique design company that provides unlimited design work for a simple, affordable fee. He also heads a full-service digital agency called Nico Digital.

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