Blackwood and Bracken

Blackwood and Bracken requested a specific design to show their brand style and use of natural ingredients. They also wanted the site to load super fast and to send a clear message to the visitor of what Blackwood and Bracken can do and love doing. I think we nailed, in my humble opinion.

Training and More Training

Blackwood and Bracken were determined to learn how to maintain their own website and we loved their passion in wanting this. We helped by them by having 3 one on one sessions lasting about an hour or so each to get them up to scratch. So far we’ve seen they have keep their website up to date, fresh with new content and a certain Blackwood and Bracken style all their own.

Great work guys.

SEO Page Titles & Descriptions

We added their basic SEO attributes across all the pages. These SEO tags include all page Title and Description meta tags designed to focus on each individual page.

We also setup Blackwood and Bracken’s Google analytics & Search Console dashboards to enable the guys to track the movement within the website and analyse these stats to help direct them new marketing strategies for their business growth.