Project Description

The World Should Be This Responsive

Choose Cruelty Free website design was particularly pleasing to build. The meetings were fun, informative and completely open to innovative design techniques to take the Brand & site to new audience heights. There was Staff training, SEO’ing, Web Development & a healthy dose of eCommerce to build and it all was done super quick due to the NO limitations set by our clients. A dream build.

Choose Cruelty Free Web Design

the brief is the blueprint of great design

Web Design - Choose Cruelty Free
Web Design - Choose Cruelty Free
Web Design - Choose Cruelty Free
Web Design - Choose Cruelty Free

the brief should target design strategies

Web Design A & B Graphics

To date caring consumers have distributed more than 150,000 CCF postcards. We are very grateful to any of our supporters who are prepared to distribute postcards on our behalf.

Vimeo Mockup Story

Choose Cruelty Free supporter, Bridget Acreman, produced a brilliant 2D animation depicting the liberation of both an innocent rabbit, and consumers of animal-tested beauty products.

The Kindness Club

“I asked my Principal for permission to run my campaign, and he was happy with that. I planned to start by putting a booklet in the senior classes years 5, 6, 7, and find some helpers in those years.”

The Kindness Club Final Test

“So now I have completed stage 1 of my campaign at the school. My parents are helping me get the booklets &¬†pamphlets into other places. I have helpers to form the start of our Kindness Club.‚ÄĚ

design should be user friendly

… and it should be …

simply informative

Team Members
Days of Building
Cups of Coffee
Current Daily Visits

understanding your clients business – priceless

Intuitive User Interface

With the amount of Branding Choose Cruelty Free already had before the new build, we decided to make life easy for their visitors by creating a direct to point UI (User interface) whereby items like CCF postcards & promotions are very easily accessed within 2 clicks.

Choose Cruelty Free Web Design

Excellent Results

The results of the build have increased Choose Cruelty Free’s website visits by a whopping 30%. CCF now have a daily visitor rate over 6,300 people per day accessing the site. Needless to say, CCFree & ZAAAX Design are very pleased with this build.


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