COS Organics – A Redesign Success is COS’s new website version which is all HTML5 and CSS3 compliant and is specifically designed using Google in mind and application.

Rod and Tessa, the owners of COS Cheltenham Organic Store basically threw the door open, hands up in the air and said, “Just do whatever you want to do.” That gave us the design brief that we wanted to hear.

Web Design - COS Facebook Logo @ ZAAAX
Websites For Business - COS Organic Store @ ZAAAX

This particular website has some unique features which you will see if you go and have a look at their website. We won’t explain this to you, rather just go visit and discover for yourself. Suffice to say their contact form, blog posting efficiencies and images are all unique and run smoothly just the way COS does in real life.

ZAAAX created the COS FaceBook Logo.

ZAAAX Design - COS Organics