Glebe Point Property Management

Glebe Point Property Management requested an all round custom designed representation. This hand made, custom coded specially designed website is quick to load and does not drag on the computers/browsers cache or ram. This design is a classic custom and not one other website in the World has this look n feel. We love it.

Custom Designs

Let’s drill down and take a closer look at the customisation of Glebe Point website design.

  1. The Main Menu – (How to configure Main Menus in Avada)
    You will notice that the main menu differs from most websites in that the background and rollover elements display with rounded corners located at the bottom of the colour splabs. This was a required effect wanted from the graphic designer that first initially designed Glebe Points look n feel.From this draft we designed and functional website that not only displays the main menu as designed, but also responds to fit any and all devices that the main menu may be seen on.
  2. Glebe Point’s Sky Blue Background & Clouds
    Glebe Points background was was part of the graphic designer’s conceptual idea when first drafted, and we liked it alot. What we did was to add the clouds to each specific page, individually, as in, each page has a different cloud arrangement.  specifically to a, or rather we added the cloud. We designed it this way to so that no cloud covers the background of any text on any page. This gives the viewer an unobstructed and no blurred word mess facing their eyes which makes the text easy to read. You’ll notice if you scroll through the Fees, About Us, FAQ’s and contact us pages, all the clouds are separated and do not interfere with any of the text or images that are displayed.
  3. Staff Images/Photos
    The Staff images or photos we added are designed to allow for quick interaction for visitors landing on the About Us page. From rounded images with distinctive white borders around the images really separates and powerises each photo to the visitor. We added active phone numbers below the staff images to help the visitor to click the number to action a call directly from the live number. A visitor can call from their phone or any device they are viewing the website from.
  4. The Contact Us form.
    This form is completely designed and styled to enhance the Glebe Points brand (colours & logo) through the form elements. Each particular form field part has been designed so that no spam can get through. Also, people can contact Glebe Point directly from the contact us page and when their details have been submitted, they receive a confirmation email of what info they sent to Glebe Point offices. 

All in all, Great point is a fun looking website. 

The website delivers Glebe Points message straight away, as soon as you land on the front page, because the important stuff is above the fold. The entire website loads super fast, which Google loves and translates into better rankings than Glebe Points competitors.