House of Gracy

House of Gracy requested an online eCommerce system to help their customers purchase their great looking products easily and quickly.

The entire style and focus was on creating a user friendly website that generated more visitors to engage with House of Gracy and share the info and products to friends and relatives swiftly.

We suggested the pink overall tone as the owner was a fanatic pink coloured lover, so it made sense to spread that idea and concept all through the website.

We think that the pink overtones also made the owner more readily eager to run their own business online, of course, through our training videos learning how to run their website.

Client Training

Graphic Design

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


All our website designs are designed with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 coding structures. These two standard codes are essential to not only a good design to display through any screen type, but to satisfy the code requirements initiated and owned by Google.

Utilising these modern standards has made designing a website far more code friendly than any other previously implemented and, every clients website we build, has this standard as a standard functionality across all devices and all website designs.