Image of my Soul – Design Case Study

Pedro wanted to showcase his photograph from around the world and came to us with a small brief idea of maybe a couple of photos being placed onto a web page. We said, sure we can that for you. 3 months later, Image of my Soul was born and Pedro enthusiastically logged into his one and only website to start his online endeavours.

Logo Design

Image of my Soul requested a new logo to brand the business and give Pedro an individual look in a heavily competitive industry. We chose to focus on the main tool Pedro uses to add product to his business, we used his camera, his lens to be specific.

By utilizing the camera lens as a brand form, we were able to deliver potential customers an immediate idea of what Image of my Soul is.

The logo design is visible across all forms of screens and can be easily seen and recognised as a camera lens even when the logo is sized to a small 16px, which is the size of favicons for web browser identification.

The logo displays correctly and easily from 16px x 16px through to 1024px x 1024px.

It looks good too.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Image of my Soul requested their website should be SEO friendly and optimised. We took that task on and researched the backbone of Image of my Soul key phrases and trending stats on Google Trends and through this research we were able to identify and implement a strategic target market focus and bring new eyes to the website.


All our website designs are designed with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 coding structures. These two standard codes are essential to not only a good design to display through any screen type, but to satisfy the code requirements initiated and owned by Google.

Utilising these modern standards has made designing a website far more code friendly than any other previously implemented and, every clients website we build, has this standard as a standard functionality across all devices and all website designs.