Naomi Korolew

Naomi Korolew gave ZAAAX Design five stars at OneFlare.

Naomi had these words to say about her website: “My website looks and feels exactly as I’d hope it would. But, more importantly than that, Steve took the time to teach me how to use the dashboard so I could confidently build pages myself and I now feel very well equipped to run my site with my new knowledge. Knowing Steve is only a phone call away if I get into trouble!”

Naomi’s brief was that she wanted a website that was absolutely professional in every sense of the word. Naomi wanted the website to be a full and high-class type website to portray her image in the business with the utmost style and grace, fitting a wedding celebrant

Web Design - Naomi Korolew @ ZAAAX
Websites For Business - Naomi Korolew Celebrant @ ZAAAX Design

Naomi had many ideas and many details and wanted to learn as much as possible so she could run herown site. So we at ZAAAX trained her and she is now running her own site.

Since the launch of her website and her business, three months’ prior, Naomi has had over fifteen plus signups to people being married and all have come through the website. Some of the feedback for the website is that people just absolutely love it because it comes across as fully detailed, up to the minute descriptions, ease of use and can be seen across all devices, including mobile phones, iPads, tablets, laptops, workstations and so on.

All in all this was a great job to do, we were very happy to do it, very pleased that we met Naomi because she was a breeze to work with. Next time you want to get married go and see Naomi Korolew.

ZAAAX Design - Naomi Korolew Celebrant