Project Description

Royce Roofing Pty Ltd

Royce Roofing website was a joy to build and create as both Brayden and David were very willing and open in suggesting what they wanted in particular, explaining what their clients / customers wanted when ordering or wanting a quote for roofing services.

The boys expressed a keen interest to have a booking system incorporated into the website for clients to book for jobs and or quotes for roofing tiles and repairs.

ZAAAX Design also introduced an SEO system whereby not only would Royce Roofing be able to be found organically in searches (the SERPS) but also we create a Google Ads platform campaign option to supply targeted marketing Ads to customers to bring those potential customers to their website and allow those customers to be able to request a Callback enabling the boys to gain a larger share of the market.

We also introduced social networking into Royce Roofing by incorporating a Twitter account Facebook account and an Instagram account which helped connect with and find their target market.

The boys were very keen to get out lots of social networking material as in images and videos which they did rather well and, we put those videos and images together to present several different styled videos for their target market.

Royce Roofing experienced a growth in their market share with many requests for a Callback going straight to their office which in turn increased their customer base and their bottom line.