Project Description

Project Brief

Our project was fairly simple, in that our client wanted to create a branding concept that was visually appealing and “hit” their customers right between the innovations, as it were. We obliged.

Visual A

Visual B

ShadowLine Joinery

Conceptual Design Samples

ShadowLine Joinery
ShadowLine Joinery
ShadowLine Joinery

Skills Needed

The only skills required here are 20 years experience, followed by a cheerful ear listening to our clients ideas, concepts and preferences. Then, a dedication to excellence with hours of drafting, designing, capturing our clients intentions and placing them onto paper, old school style.

Once that has been accomplished, we digitalize all the drafts, ideas, jottings we do, then sift away the not needed, follow up on the needed and produce the original concept into real time, hard copy dreams.

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design 92%
Branding 96%
Multimedia 98%
ShadowLine Joinery
ShadowLine Joinery

Initial Concept Planning

Initially the concept was delivered by our client. We listened and drove the design concept further with extra meetings and discussions. Our client was very open to change and options. We were very impressed.

Drafts & Revisions

From the first we were able to design from a strong ideas based concept. Which made the draft & development of the brand easy to deliver. As it turned out, only 3 drafts were required.

Final Delivery

Our final draft and presentation was a quick “Yes please” by our client. We delivered all the solutions our client wanted and added extra options that our client was both surprised with & welcomed.

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Strong Brands

Strong brands always stick in a customer’s mind. The stronger the better. The conceptual structure of ShadowLine Joinery is to jump into the customer’s mind and stay right there. ShadowLine Joinery brand conveys a sense of mastery and intelligence to a, let’s face it, rather plain styled industry sector.

ShadowLine Joinery

Excellent Results

The results of ShadowLine Joinery brand have been swift and powerful with people identifying ShadowLine Joinery as their preferred product base.