ZAAAX Design is thrilled to showcase our latest project for TEEMwork. By conducting comprehensive research into the healthcare training industry and understanding the client’s unique objectives, we’ve delivered a website that’s both visually compelling and user-friendly. Completed on time and within budget, the site effectively guides visitors to engage with TEEMwork’s services.

Project Details

TEEMwork is a specialised healthcare training organisation that was founded by Dr. Don Liew, an Emergency Physician with a passion for healthcare education. The organisation is committed to providing high-quality training and education in emergency medicine. TEEMwork offers a range of short courses and individual or small-group coaching sessions that are designed to empower clinicians with practical, usable skills. Their courses are not just theoretical but are based on high-fidelity simulation and interactive small-group sessions. This hands-on approach ensures that clinicians are well-prepared for real-world scenarios. The courses are flexible and can be conducted either face-to-face or via Zoom, making them accessible to a wide range of healthcare professionals.

The organisation takes an individualised approach to learning, moving away from the “one-size-fits-all” rigid templates that are often found in traditional educational settings. TEEMwork focuses on practice, reflection, and tailored feedback to ensure that each participant gets the most out of their training experience. They offer specialised courses like “Teemwork OSCE Practice & Skills” and “OSCE Performance Coaching,” which are designed to improve exam performance, communication, and other core skills essential for healthcare professionals. Each course comes with individual debriefs and recorded videos, allowing for ongoing review and practice at the participant’s own pace.

Dr. Don Liew, the founder, has been recognized for his innovative approach to healthcare education. His philosophy is based on individualised learning through practice, reflection, and feedback, aiming to empower healthcare professionals with the tools and resources they need to excel in their careers and deliver the best patient care. TEEMwork has received numerous testimonials praising the quality of their courses and the impact they have had on healthcare professionals’ performance and skills. The organisation values diversity, inclusivity, and representation, making it a welcoming environment for all. For those interested in their offerings, TEEMwork encourages direct inquiries and provides ongoing contact with performance coaches to ensure that all questions and needs are addressed.


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