Our web design and development project for Chivalry Image.

Our web design and development project for Chivalry Image involved creating a website for the company or organization. This involved designing the layout and appearance of the site, as well as developing the functionality and features of the site.

The design process involved creating wireframes or mockups to plan out the structure and layout of the site, selecting colors, fonts, and other visual elements, and creating graphics and other visual elements for the site.

The development process involved building the site using HTML, CSS, and possibly other programming languages, such as JavaScript or PHP.

This involved writing code to create the pages and features of the site, as well as integrating any necessary functionality, such as forms, maps, or e-commerce capabilities.

Overall, the goal of the project was be to create a visually appealing and functional website for Chivalry Image that meets the needs of the company or organization and its target audience.

Chivalry Image Styling

Chivalry Image Web Design