Elements of an Effective Landing Page

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In the digital marketing landscape, a landing page has become an essential part, particularly in the lead generation process. It is now considered one of the most crucial strategies you can do to gain more prospects for your business. Having a powerful landing page can help your gather information from web visitors effectively and increase sales conversion.

With all the possibilities it can give you, it is vital to optimizing it based on your needs. It is also essential that your visitors can easily understand your landing page and do not overwhelm them.

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone page that serves a single purpose. It is different from your homepage or other pages found on your website. It is designed to convert your website visitors into leads as they “land” on it when they click on a link from an email or ad.

This page is comprising of a form that gets any of the desired information from your visitors to exchange a compelling offer. Usual information if consists of name, contact number, email address, and more. The main reason you create a landing page is to turn your website to become leads, and you can usually offer free items. These items can be an eBook, a webinar registration, free trials.

What Makes an Effective Landing Page?

A powerful landing page increases conversion; however, it requires several elements to produce the desired outcome. Here are some elements you need always to remember when creating your landing page.

  1. Branding and Logo

While it is a standalone page that is different from the rest of your webpages, it is essential that it still feels like it belongs to your website. Your landing page should have the same feel with the rest of your website pages. It should contain the same branding, the same colour pallet, and the same flow. Your logo at the top of your landing page is also a good move as your visitors can easily recognize it and will still know that there are always with you.

  1. Headline

The primary purpose of this page is to convert your website visitors into leads. Therefore, you must have a compelling headline that can help capture their attention. Since this will be the first time your audience will interact with your landing page, they must quickly understand the message you are trying to send. Make sure that your headline is concise and clear, even at first glance.

  1. Call-to-action (CTA)

The call-to-action or CTA button often plays a vital role in whatever promotional activity that you do. Create a simple and straightforward CTA on your landing page that can help increase effectiveness. Use an actual button as your visitors will somehow look for it.

Remember to not over-design or add a lot of call-to-action buttons as this may become a distraction to your prospects on what they should be doing. Instead, make one button that is big enough for your visitors to see and make sure that they will direct to redeem or get your offerings.

  1. Lead Capture Form

If the CTA button is essential, then perhaps the most crucial factor in your landing page is your lead capture form. This feature will be the key to give you the completion of your objective on your landing page.

When creating your form, remember not to ask too much information on your audience. When your visitors see a way that asks a lot of information, even sensitive questions, it will turn them off and abandon your landing page. Only require the primary, but essential critical data from your future leads. You can ask about their name, email, contact number, company, or job titles.

If you want to capture more or learn additional information about your leads, you can leave several questions optional. That will refrain from overwhelming or intimidating your visitors.

  1. Specific Navigation

To make a useful landing page, you always need to remember that you need to steer your visitors to a particular action. It would be best if you guided them with the outcome you want. You can only do this effectively if you have clear and specific navigation on your page. Unlike in your website that comprises multiple paths that your visitors can take, your landing page should only have a particular journey that visitors will take to accomplish what you expect them to do.

Do not declutter your page. Limit the navigation and resist the temptation to add secondary links. Refrain from putting any exit links as this may distract users and abandon your page without finishing your task.

  1. Premium Offer

Your offers should be enticing enough to attract your users to provide the necessary information that you need or to be converted into becoming your leads. Provide premium offers that are valuable to your visitors. You can give an eBook, a free demo, a free consultation, webinar registration, or free sample that is valuable to your visitors.

  1. White Space

White space on your landing page does not necessarily need to be white. It can be in any colour that you want as long as it gives a negative space or empty area on your landing page. This particular space help draw attention to any elements like CTA buttons or lead forms.

Having a white space or negative space is a valuable part of making your landing page useful, as it can help declutter your page. It creates a visual hierarchy and improves the readability and comprehension of your visitors.

  1. Image

It is also vital to have a visual representation of what your visitors will get or receive. That will help encourage them to fill up your form. Your image should be clear and should have an attractive appearance that can capture your prospects’ interest. However, it would be best if you remembered that whatever impression you give should live up to the actual material you will provide to your visitors once they have completed what you ask them to do.

  1. Keywords

Though it acts alone, you must remember that your landing page is still part of your content and inbound marketing strategy. So, it is essential to use the necessary keywords to help you rank on your search engines. Make sure you incorporate keywords on your title page, headers, and even your page’s body. That will make your landing page optimized for SEO tactics.

  1. Social Sharing Buttons

To increase your network, you should add your social media channels and sharing buttons on your landing page. This move will make it easy for your visitors to share what you have to offer on their social media profiles. It will be beneficial on your part as it can grow your audience and awareness of your landing page.

  1. Summarized Content

Your landing page body or content should be simple and straightforward. It should be able to capture your visitors’ attention in a short period. Simplify the information, summarize the essential points, and make it in a bullet form. That will keep your readers engaged and easily understand the message you are trying to convey.

  1. Mobile Friendly

Another essential factor these days is that your landing page should be mobile-friendly. It should adapt to whatever screen size your visitor is using. If it takes too much time to load on their smartphone or tablet device, they will abandon your landing page. Ensure that as you develop your landing page, it should be responsive to all screen sizes.

Final Thoughts

Crafting and designing your landing page is not the only task you have to ensure its effectiveness. It does not stop there. You need to make sure that you consider and do an actual A/B test on your landing page. This test will help you check if your design if significant or not. It will also help you identify all the essentials that you fail you to include on your landing page. Doing tests on multiple versions will allow you to make adjustments based on your findings.

Having a landing page in this digital age is a great way to capture your desired audience and turn them into your leads. It also the right way to ensure that you are getting ahead of your competitors. However, you must always remember to provide value to your prospects and provide what you promised after giving you their valuable information.

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Maricar Morga; Maricar worked as a marketing professional for almost a decade and handled concerts, events and community service-related activities. Leaving her corporate job for good to pursue her dreams, she has now ventured in the path of content writing and currently writes for Softvire New Zealand – the leading software e-Commerce company in New Zealand. A Harry Potter fan, she loves to watch animated series and movies during her spare time.

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