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Follower count on social media is very important, for most people. And did you notice how people tend to follow only people who already have fame on the Internet? Internet rock stars are somehow gaining all the followers, while people like you are left with just a few hundreds followers to talk to.

Follower Count

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So, how do those people whom everyone seems to want to follow do it? It must just be their fame, right? Well, no. While fame is one of the factors that influence follower counts, it is definitely not the only one. There are a number of things an influencer has to keep up with such as content marketing, personal interactions etc.

Irina Smirnova

Irina Smirnova is a well-known photographer from New York who works with entrepreneurs to promote their brand using her photos. She has over 5,000 follower count on Instagram and a few tens of thousands of followers on Facebook. She recommends you use a single theme for your social media account. For example, if your feed contains photos and videos of dogs and cats, don’t suddenly start posting things about skyscrapers.

Another great tip from Irina is to simply tell your followers how they can support you and help you. Don’t be afraid to ask them to share your posts with their friends. Also, don’t forget to let your followers know that their comments are important to you.

Allison Mayer

A humanitarian photojournalist, Allison Mayer has a follower count close to 15,000 Instagram followers and several tens of thousands of followers on Facebook. To engage with your social media followers, she recommends you get proactive. Locate people who follow you but don’t interact with you (people known as ghost followers). While some of these people are spam or fake accounts, many are real people who have forgotten about you. Interact with them to bring your posts back into their news feeds.

Pablo Arias

Pablo Arias has a follower count of around 3,000,000 followers on Instagram and a couple million on Facebook. His posts reach a huge audience. Pablo states that one of the most important things you need to do to get new followers and engage existing ones is to always post creative content. Provide information to the people who look to you for guidance or help and make things interesting.

Another very important tip from Arias is to make sure you always show your followers that you care about them; that they are not just a number for you. It’s quite simple to like somebody back or follow somebody on Instagram. However, these little things make your followers happy and show your audience that you are thinking about them and that you are watching them and their posts.

Follower Count Tips

Like Smirnova, Arias and Mayer, there are many other influencers who are being followed by millions of people. Here are some of their tips; tips that will help you engage with your followers, as well as get new ones:

  • Post consistently and don’t let your followers think that you are inactive. If your audience sees that you post four days per week once, they will expect you to post 4 days every week.
  • Avoid negative subjects that may cause controversies. You want to stay away from negative talk as much as possible.
  • Post when most of your audience is online. This means from 1 PM to 4 PM. If you post several times daily, a post at 9 AM is also great, according to various studies.

The truth is that even the so-called influencers on the Internet are putting in the hard work to gain new followers. If you want to increase the number of followers and connect with them, you need to do the work. And simply following a few simple tips from experts and influencers is enough to at least get you started.

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