Free Marketing is the Best Marketing?

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Free MarketingFree marketing strategies can give your business the extra boost it needs to build a loyal following, all while staying efficient. Although paying for advertising seems quicker or easier, growing your business from the grassroots up is possible. Keep reading to determine if the advantages of free marketing outweigh the risks.

What Is Free Marketing?

Free marketing is any organic promotion a business achieves without spending money. The most common types of free marketing online include social media, email lists, blogs, websites, eBooks, YouTube videos, and so on. Today, social media is probably the most ubiquitous of these marketing tools.

When creating marketing content, businesses can also save money by assigning existing employees to these projects and using free software and stock media. Additionally, offering giveaways, discounts, or free products are examples of free marketing. Marketing for free, is about more than being “cheap,” though. It’s about building an authentic relationship with your audience.

The Pros & Cons of Free Marketing

Free marketing requires a developed strategy and hours of dedication to be successful. Free marketing may sound appealing, but it comes with its associated risks. You may spend countless hours on a campaign but to no avail. On the other hand, by thinking outside of the box and putting your business out there online, you may become the next big thing in your niche.

Free marketing for startups is a more realistic option for most new businesses with tight budgets. You can achieve the same or even better results as other marketing strategies without spending a cent. Additionally, organic marketing frames you as a trustworthy brand, and, in turn, provides your business with devoted new customers.

The risk of free marketing comes from the possibility of wasting one of your most valuable assets—time. Free marketing 101 teaches that convincing people to follow your brand is not always easy. But, if you consistently revise your strategy, expand your marketing expertise, and harmonise with digital trends, you can avoid these risks.

Free Marketing Best Practices

Once you have set up the basics like an appealing website, email list, and social networks, then you can work on promoting your business. The more social media platforms you are active on, the more “free” marketing you can achieve. Follow the free marketing advice below to develop a successful strategy for your company.

1. Humanise your business.

Every consumer wants to feel appreciated when they give their loyalty to a brand. When it comes to marketing for your business, you should spend more time humanising your business than selling your product. Reply to your followers on social media, email, and forums. Start discussions. Interact in the community. Give a face to your company.

2. Brand yourself.

One of the simplest forms of free marketing is branding. Branding is the process of creating an image for your business and promoting that image. Define your mission as a company, and add a slogan, logo, and colours so your brand becomes more recognisable. When audiences see your efforts as a business, they will be more intrigued than if you only seem interested in making money.

3. Collaborate in your niche.

Every niche has forums, social networks, events, conventions, and communities to participate in. You should be a prominent member of your niche, not a faceless shadow. Instead of competing with similar brands, collaborate together to advance your free marketing game. Examples of collaborating in your niche include guest blogging, collab videos, and asking for a social media mention in return for a free service.

4. Create content.

Your business should be constantly introducing articles, videos, eBooks, guides, info-graphics, and everything in between. Marketing your business to potential clients becomes a lot easier when you have valuable content to show off. Relevant, shareable content will encourage organic conversions to your brand. Free YouTube marketing can be highly effective, as video sparks more conversions than any other media.

The Verdict

Free marketing using Facebook, YouTube, Google, and the thousands of other platforms is a smart decision for any business. The tips listed in this article are only a few easy ways brands can incorporate marketing for free. As long as you put time and thought into your campaign, any business can experience success with free marketing.

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