Gain Higher Rankings On Google Without Using Back-links

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Gain Higher RankingsGain Higher Rankings They Said …

Gain Higher Rankings is one of former Google’s website SEO head, Matt Cutts tips that he stated in 2014, saying that “back-links, over time, will become a little less important. For the ‘next few years’ links aren’t going anyway and will still be used for determining reputation. But over time, Google will rely a little less on links for reputation purposes.”

This brought new twists in the set approach of SEO professionals who were largely depending on back-linking tactics for higher ranking. Brainstorming initiated among SEO experts for seeking ways to rank on Google’s first page without using back-links.

In the course of three years, this brainstorming resulted in the discovery of some amazing ways to gain higher rankings without using back-links; the five most important ones have been discussed below.

Rich Content

Quality content, being the king, can easily triumph all other optimisation tactics including back-linking. Google has long been giving utmost importance to content quality and with time it even started giving higher ranking to sites that used good quality content on their site, especially the homepage.

In fact, Google also has a small army of human raters who identify quality content from the spam one. It also rolled out a Panda algorithm update to weed out sites with low-quality content. Having quality content for your website would ensure higher ranking even if you do not have any back-links in your page.

Do It Right

Load your website with rich-information, written in a user-friendly language in a readable format. Your content should be unique and presented in a neat format with catchy titles and sub-heads as per topic’s requirement.

Having no grammatical errors is a pre-requisite which is somewhat needless to mention. Your content should have all the answers for the possible questions that may pop up in your website visitors’ mind. Overall your content should educate, entertain and engage your website visitors.

Brainstorm For Your Keywords

Gain Higher Google RankingsBack-links have long been treated as the principal pillar of SEO but can never surpass the power of strong and researched keywords. It’s time you bow before the power of keywords and start storming your brain to find the right keywords for your website to gain higher rankings.

Various tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner, SEMrush Keyword Magic, Bing Ad Intelligence, Keyword discovery etc., are available online to help you look for the perfect keyword, especially long tail keywords. Long tail keywords have a less search volume but, being more targeted, they ensure higher rank. You should choose keywords that are widely searched by people but have less or no posts about it.

Avoid using keywords that are mainly used by top-ranking competitors as it brings in tough competition and in turn lowers the chances of getting a higher rank.

Do It Right

Put yourself in the audience’s shoes to imitate their thinking process to gain higher rankings. Know what type of keyword the audience would type in the search bar in order to satisfyingly see your website on the result page.

Become The First Publisher

One of the best ways to get higher search engine ranking without using back-links is stealing the opportunity to publish about any and every latest trend and article first. All of us would unanimously agree that something or the other is coming up in the industry every day.

Understand your users and know what type of information they would be looking for. Keep an eagle’s eye on the latest trend in your industry and become the first one to publish it in order to boost your SERP ranking.

The earlier you get the content published or come up with user-centric services, the higher would become your search engine rank because of low competition in the initial stage.

Do It Right

In order to get access to the latest updates news and information, you can create as many alerts on Google Alerts along with Google Trends know about all the latest trends prevalent in the industry and be the first one to announce it to the world, as a way to gain higher rankings.

Gain Higher Rankings on Google

Maintain Keyword Density With Latent Semantic Indexing

Once upon a time, adding a number of keywords in the web page was the second most important tactic used by SEO heads across the world after back-linking to gain higher ranking. Then suddenly, Google tweaked its algorithms and gave its Exact Match Domain update that penalised keyword stuffed sites.

Since then, Google Webmaster has been keeping a check on the keyword density on any website or web page. Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI is a part of a Google algorithm that helps you in keeping a check on your keyword density so that it is not less or more than enough for algorithms. LSI keywords are the synonyms of the keywords used instead of the actual keywords to avoid spamming as well as gain higher ranking.

Do It Right

LSI keywords are semantically related to your main keyword are also SEO friendly. You can find LSI keywords for your content by searching on Google or using tools like Keyword Planner, LSI Graph/LSI Keyword Generator, SEOPressor, and EasyWPSEO.

On-Page Optimisation For Every Page

Gain Higher RankingsWhether you have added back-links or not, an optimised web page is indispensable to get higher search engine ranking. Especially for those who are not using back-links, on-page optimisation becomes all the more important to optimise the page for the search engines and get higher SERP ranking.

As opposed to off-page SEO, which survives on building back-links, on-page SEO is some tweaking that you need to do on your pages in order to get high ranking. On-page SEO includes adding researched keywords in the title tag, URL, meta descriptions, headings, images and Alt Tags, in order to increase the click through rate as well as smooth the crawling of the web spiders.

Do It Right

Add LSI keywords along with the main long tail keyword in all your pages to improve your overall ranking. Other ways to do on page optimisation is by giving quality content, increasing the speed, designing a responsive interface and using long scroll content etc., for skyrocketing results.

Back-links are no longer the sole optimisation technique that can fetch you a higher ranking on Google; the five ways discussed above would definitely enable you to gain higher rankings on Google without using back-links. Try them for yourself and share your views in the comment section below.

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