Globalised Social Media Research Summary 2019 To Gain Traffic To Your Site

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These days, social networks are properly established. Right at the core, you have top 5 social networks, which haven’t changed much from its inception but came up with new additions on a yearly count. 

However, once you get the chance to check out this post, you will realise that the popular social media sites will vary quite a bit in terms of usage. The uses are going to differ from demographics and countries. Understanding all these differences is quite important while targeting the specified audiences.

Globalised Social Media Research Summary 2019 To Gain Traffic To Your Site

While you are planning to compare the popular social networks, it is vital to review them by active account usage, and not by the number of user accounts. Moreover, there are some social networks growing rather rapidly while others are now declining with time. You will come to know more about the points and social media research summary from Gramista ( So, make sure to get these points covered for now.

The overall popularity of social media on a global platform:

Every year, right near the starting of it, “We Are Social” gets to update the massive globalised compendium of the statistics. It helps in providing some greater insights right into the section of social media. It is a perfect download for some presentations and most interesting to check how far some countries are diverging from the terms of social media usage. It is surprising enough to know that Western Countries are actually lagging quite behind in the adoption rates.

  • Among all the key takeaways as procured from the Global Digital Report of the year 2018, there are some points you care to know more about. Remember that the numbers of internet users in 2018 worldwide are around 4.021 billion, which is around 7% more from previous years.
  • Moreover, social media users worldwide are at 3.196 billion as in 2018, which is 13% more from before. Moreover, you will be shocked to know that the number of smartphone users is 5.135 billion in 2018, which is 4% more than in previous years.

The annual growth seems to grow mainly in the active mobile users’ zone, with 39% from that of 5% from 2017. Sharing the website traffic through devices favours mobile at around 52%, while the desktop still remains in second place with just 43% shared to all the web pages, which is down by 3%.

Working on the globalised increase in this regard:

On the other hand, Western, Northern and Southern Europe along with North America are known to have largest internet penetration between 74 and 94% internet users, when compared to the entire population.

  • The globalised increase in the social media phase right from January 2017 is at 13%.
  • Saudi Arabia is known to have the largest possible yearly increase in the usage of social media right from January 2017 at 32%, which is around 17% increase when compared to the average global hold.
  • Some of the other countries associated with the largest usage of social media increase are Indonesia, India, and Ghana with technology improving and social media easily accessible to most of the population.

South Korea, UAE, and the UK are noted to have a slower increase with the same or higher than 5%.

Globalised Social Media Research Summary 2019 To Gain Traffic To Your Site

Social media and the growth involved:

As Facebook is known to have the highest daily active users when compared to some of the other social networks, it is vital to know how the content might perform potentially and the features you care to use for optimising reach of content. There is always an average post of 10.7% reach versus page like and around 26.8% average paid post reach versus the total reach.

FB is noted to be the greater social platform for the paid and organic opportunities with higher potential reach. You just need to remember to target content to the business personas to procure quality leads.

The entire report comprises of a massive data amount across over 200 slides. It helps in providing country specified data for the majority of the world. So, you might want to check out those slides of countries in core marketing areas. It will definitely help you to get one better idea of the present social state in areas you generate operate.

Most popularised social networks:

As per the latest news and insights from comScore panel in the Global Digital Future of 2018, the popularity of the social networks depend on the number of sharing times based on home panel for Canada, USA, France, Italy, Germany, UK, India, Spain, Brazil Argentina, Mexico, Malaysia and Indonesia.

  • The majority of popularity is associated with the blue world of FB even despite its negative hype. It still prevails to be the major audience channel for some time.
  • In the UK sector, you get to check that the IG accounts are for 10% of social media minutes. So, if you are actually exploiting latest IG ad techniques, it is always worth looking into these options for details.
  • The compilation of the popular social networks globally as prepared by Statista provides a clearer picture of the active user numbers with FB ruling supreme.
  • With more than 2 billion active users, FB holds most of the market share. So, it is not that much of a shock.
  • YouTube from Google holds the second position with Whatsapp and Messenger not quite far behind. The IG platform of Facebook has fewer than just half of the visitors of FB.

Going through these options will have to use the predominantly APAC platforms with WeChat, QQ, and Qzone all with more than 600 million active users. This report is going to highlight the array of the social platform’s offerings in APAC. You will come across a cluster of predominantly westernised social media channels like IG, Tumblr, and even Twitter.

It is always mandatory for you to understand and learn the current standing of the social networks so that you can head towards the best one among the lot. The more you research, the better you will come to learn about.

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