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Guest WriterGuest writer, we’re always looking for web guest writers with articles that roc, not those everyday nanny state nice non offending sticking to the rules don’t say it like it is massage the truth types, we want the truth no matter how irritating that can be.

Suck it up Princess type posts.

Topics we like are good hard hitting or moderately hard hitting subjects about Google Search, SEO, SEM, Web Design, Web Development, Hosting and Domain name issues / non issues etc., along those lines.

We want you, guest writer, to set yourself free with tumbling ramblings that direct the reader to stand and be counted, resuscitated to arm the reader into direct clickable action. Is that you? Is that your style?

Are You The Guest Writer We Seek?

If so, fill in the form (how conservative that may sound) and let us know about your articles, posts etc.

We’ll respond asap and review your works, then maybe we can collaborate and change the world one article at a time, together.

And always remember, guest writers rule!

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Guest Writer Form

Guest Writer Form

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