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How to Optimize Your Site for Semantic Search

This is a great article written by , September 30, 2014 at SEMrush.


, September 30, 2014
The way we search for information online is changing rapidly. In the early days of SEO, the majority of searches consisted of broken sentence fragments, like “free payday loans” or “best pizza New York.” As a result, most websites were optimized to target specific keywords.

This was how Google would decide which content was the most relevant to a specific search query. However, now that Google is capable of understanding the context of those keywords, search is becoming more interactive and conversational.

As Google continues on its trajectory toward semantic search, things get a little bit more difficult from an SEO perspective.

Semantic search provides a more personalized search experience by determining the intent and contextual meaning behind a search query. Google is able to do this by incorporating a variety of factors, such as user location, daily/weekly trends, synonyms, vernacular and other natural language elements.In this article, I’ll discuss how SEOs and online marketers can optimize their online presence to reap the benefits of semantic search. Now get all the rest here >

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