How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Blog Stats

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Social Media PlatformsSocial media platforms provide people with a series of benefits, which include marketing, word count, and promotion activities.

As such, the social interactions and communities that many people form over the internet can be valuable for helping and boosting your blog stats.

Although using social media is not always simple, it is an essential tool for marketing. If you share worthwhile and meaningful content directed on a specific topic, then you will likely obtain excellent results. So, if you need to boost traffic on your blog using social media, here are some ways to do it.


This most popular social media platform allows you to promote your post on groups, pages, and even on your profile page.

Upload a Video or Photo

Although you can tease your blog posts with a quick introduction, you must add a graphic to get the attention of your audience.

If you put images in your post, Facebook will instantly add one of your photos the moment you share the link unless you apply the option for image display. On the other hand, if you need to share a different picture, then you can either upload another photo or even a video instead.

Facebook Groups

Utilizing Facebook groups can make a significant difference in directing traffic to your blog. There are several different kinds of Facebook groups regardless of what the niche is, and a lot of them allow for the promotion of blog posts.

There are groups on Facebook explicitly created for supporting bloggers to promote their posts, and there are some who only allow certain days. So, ensure that you follow group rules before you promote your blog posts.


This social media platform was the first to establish hashtags as well as @ handles for improved search options.

Employ Click to Tweets

Having people to share blog posts on Twitter can help drive more traffic to your website than you promoting your posts.  Although you can use sharing plugins, adding easy click to tweetable quotes within your post is an excellent method to boost Twitter shares.

Post Regularly and at Optimal Periods

Since the typical tweet lifespan is less than an hour, if you are only tweeting a few times a day, chances are only a part of your Twitter followers are going to see them.

The answers to seeing real traffic from this network are to post several times a day consistently, as well as posting on Twitter when your viewers are most likely to see your tweets. Utilizing a scheduler like SmarterQueue, which several people use, can guarantee that you are tweeting at optimal periods even when you cannot be active on Twitter.

To Conclude

It does not matter if you operate a big national organization or a small start-up business. Different social media platforms are going to be one of the most helpful tools for your marketing strategy.

Hence, social media boosts awareness about your company, connect you with consumers, and boost your income and leads.  The presence of your business on social media is, indeed, a vital tool in this digital age.

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