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Avada Website BuilderThe Avada Slider is a beautiful and lean slider, developed for Avada, with fantastic flexibility that produces stunning responsive results for your website. NB. Please note that the Fusion Slider was renamed to the Avada Slider in Avada 7.0.

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use the Avada Slider, a dynamic slider with various features like image and video support, text content, and buttons. It covers creating sliders, adding slides, customizing content, and assigning sliders to pages. Subscribe to the YouTube channel for more tutorials.

Creating and Customizing Sliders with Avada Slider in WordPress

Avada slider is a dynamic, lightweight slider with various features like images, videos, text, and buttons.
To create a slider in Avada, start by naming it, choosing size, and customizing options like full screen and parallax scrolling.

Customizing Slider Options in Avada Theme

Content slides up on top of the slider. Options include slide indicators, navigation arrows, and slideshow speed settings.
Responsive typography settings allow control over text resizing for smaller screens.

Creating a New Slide with Avada Slider

Adding a new slide with a featured image and content options. Customizing heading and caption areas with font sizes and colors.

Creating Custom Slides and Video Slides in Avada Theme

Customize slide link options with button or full slide for clickable slides. Add self-hosted video slides with mp4 format and design options like color overlay.

Creating and Adding Sliders with Avada: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding captions, adjusting title size, and font size. Creating a slider with two slides and adding it to a page. Demonstrating slider features like parallax effect and full-screen display

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