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Great Intranet

While we have emails, brochures, and websites, aren’t intranet pages outdated? Definitely not! You’d be surprised how many large companies have the benefits of daily use of the intranet. While it may be bothersome for some employees to check the intranet for information they need, organizations continue to encourage their employees to use internal services. So, how can increase the use of intranet?

A great graphic design is one of the crucial aspects that attract employees to use the intranet. Even though it may not seem as crucial as the organization of your intranet, the design provides numerous benefits to the organization and its employees. So, why is graphic design so important?

1. Helps with onboarding

One of the main purposes of an intranet page is to provide your employees with information, news, and access to the files and documents they need. This is especially important to the new employees who are yet to find their way around. A good intranet graphic design will help your new co-workers get to know the organization and find all the necessary information to start their careers at your company.

What’s the role of graphic design there? Intranets that are not well designed tend to be hard to use, which may result in confusion and anxiety in new co-workers. So, by creating great intranet design, you’re helping them learn about the organization, its values, co-workers, and many more before they get on with their assignments.


2. Builds a corporate identity

The way your company presents itself to the public and builds its image can really help you promote your products or services. On the other hand, it can really be helpful when it comes to new and old employees who will be representing your company in the industry. Therefore, if they don’t identify with a corporate identity, your business will be at loss.

How can the graphic design of your intranet page help you there? By implementing your company’s logo, colours, motto, and values, you’re building a corporate identity your employees can identify with! Therefore, if your employees use the intranet frequently, they will adopt these values and identify with them as their own.

3. Increases brand awareness

Corporate identity and brand awareness go hand in hand.  Some people may think that the company’s intranet has nothing to do with the brand, but they are wrong. By increasing brand awareness in your employees, you’re creating a perfect tool for business representation to the public. If you look at your employees as brand ambassadors, your business is more likely to achieve success and become known in the industry.

How can graphic design help build and increase brand awareness? Create a design that will use your company’s characteristics. However, if you don’t want to overdo your graphic design, learn which branding elements you should include in your intranet design. That will keep your employees engaged and drawn to use the intranet.

Brand Awareness

4. Creates a trustworthy atmosphere

Believe it or not, employees are prone to generalization. This means that if they see an intranet with a good design, reliable data, and useful information, they will have more trust in the company and help create a trustworthy atmosphere, and vice versa! So, how can you create an intranet design that inclines trust?

Show your employees that you truly care about them. Offer them couching sessions or well-being check-ups with professionals to let them know that you’re a reliable employer. Ensure your intranet has a verification solution to keep sensitive data safe. This will make your employees trust your business more.

5. Improves user experience

One of the first things many people look for when visiting a website, playing games, or purchasing a device is user experience. Is your intranet user-friendly? How can you make it be? By using adequate design and development, your intranet will be more alluring to your employees, so you won’t have to worry about wasting business money on something your co-workers don’t use.

Ensure your intranet has an optimal loading speed and is optimized for both computers and smartphones. Since many people rather use their phones, your intranet needs to be available there as well, so your employees can access important information at all times.

User Experience

6. Makes communication easier

Did you know that companies with engaged employees have over 200% better results than those without? But how can you make your employees engaged? Work on building your internal communication strategy! Create a design with a readable font that conveys a clear message.

On top of that, great intranet solutions also make in-house communication easier. Employees can communicate with one another, share important files, or simply chat and stay engaged. This requires a well-thought-out internal communication strategy that makes assigning tasks, organization, and overall communication much easier. If such a solution has a simple, yet engaging design, your employees will indulge in conversations more frequently, provide you with necessary feedback or ask important questions.

7. Enhance clarity and understanding

Last but not least, the great design includes clarity and understanding. Just like websites for customers and target audiences need to convey a message that’s easy to understand, you also shouldn’t complicate your intranet design. What are some tips you can use for your intranet graphic design?

Mind the font and the size of the letters. If they are hard to read, your website isn’t clear and understandable enough. Clarity is of utmost importance when it comes to usability, as it is one of the proven benefits of a well-designed web. On top of that, mind your grammar and spelling as it is the mirror of your organization. In the end, don’t upload unclear photographs and infographics that are too large and hard to understand. After all, the intranet is all about helping your employees, not confusing them!

Final thoughts

As you can see, the way your intranet is designed really makes a difference. Even though there is a thin line between a well-designed page and an overdone one, keep things simple and always think about user experience. Opt for the intranet design that will benefit your employees in everyday work.

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