Instagram Marketing Mistakes that May Hurt Your SEO Rankings

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Post by Walter Moore

You may not think about SEO while discussing Instagram. You may have a feeling that this video and photo sharing platform does not do much for boosting your overall brand organic visibility. 

However, Instagram is phenomenally successful and hugely popular social media platform that is continuously gaining traction, so brands that have up till now avoided this vibrant platform are reconsidering their decision.

In fact, several companies’ Instagram accounts are already featuring in the top search results. Obviously, this has helped brands to boost visibility, ranking potential, and overall reach.

As per Anvil Media Article (, “Instagram by itself is obviously not going to make a completely unknown brand magically appear at the top of SERPs, but if you are going to have a presence on the network, you might as well make sure it is fully optimised to ensure when you do have the chance to rank, that you are prepared.” Moreover, it is important to ensure that all your posts are fully-optimised for grabbing the right attention on your content. Here are some Instagram marketing mistakes that you must avoid; otherwise, you may end up hurting your SEO rankings.

Mistake #1: Making Instagram Account Private

When you set your Instagram account to private it is a major marketing mistake. It may be an unintended move but an unwise one. If you have your videos and pictures set to private, it is all very good for your personal Instagram accounts, but it is surely a flop idea and makes absolutely no sense for your Instagram business accounts that are supposed to be a powerful platform for marketing to the general public.

If your company’s Instagram account is open to the public, you could attract the attention of many new and potential clients within the Instagram community who are looking for the product or service, you are offering. When you set your company’s Instagram account to private, it would of limiting your opportunities of boosting your business or driving more traffic to your official website for conversions.

You must set your company’s Instagram account to the public so that you enjoy greater opportunities to reach out to a wider audience and you are successful in driving more traffic to your official website and increasing conversions. This could be a great way of gaining potential fans and followers for Instagram.

Mistake #2: Posting Irrelevant Videos & Images

You must avoid posting random images and videos on your company’s Instagram account. Remember this is your business account and you may project yourself as being unprofessional by posting irrelevant or personal vacation pictures or pictures of dogs or coffee mugs on your account.

You may wish to socialise and maybe slightly personal at times, but it is important to maintain a fine balance between relevant posts and random posts. Go about conducting your Instagram for the Business account in a crisp and formal manner to a certain extent to demonstrate your utmost professionalism.

Instagram Marketing Mistakes Hurt Your SEO Rankings

Mistake#3: Using Low-Quality Images

Businesses often use inappropriate hashtags or even do not use any hashtags while posting photos or videos. You must use searchable hashtags that are definitely relevant and short. You must consider using popular hashtags which are just right for your precise niche or industry.

Some brands and businesses make the tactical error of not using hashtags in their posts. You simply cannot undermine the role of hashtags as a gateway for many more potential customers and followers for your brand or business.


Your SEO ranking would not be impacted adversely if you steer clear of these common Instagram mistakes. Moreover, you must understand that consistency is the key to business success. So, keep posting consistently on your Instagram account. Remember your followers prefer predictable frequency of posts from you.

Last but definitely, not the least; you must focus on interacting and engaging with your customers and potential followers. You need to keep all these Instagram mistakes in mind and avoid them.

Author Bio:

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain followers for Instagram with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.

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