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How To Make A Page In WordPress & More

This training video shows you how to make a WordPress page. How to add an image to the page. What settings to use. How to add a featured image. How to change the permalink & add a link. Plenty more.

Video Tuit Subjects:

  • The Page Title: Make it a good one
  • Page Permalinks: Edit or change them
  • Publish: Status; Visability; Publish Immediately; What to choose
  • Page Attributes: Parent; Order; What these mean
  • WYSIWYG Box: Visual; Text; How to make things look nice
  • Featured Image: Adding a featured image to the page
  • Add An Image: Align left, right, center, no alignment: Adding an image in the body text
  • Toggle Toolbar: Making the body text box with more options
  • Hyperlink: Adding a link from the body box
  • Bullet List: Adding a bulletted list
  • Numbered List: Adding a numbered list
  • Bold: Making text bold or not
  • Italic: Making text italic or not
  • Text Colour: Giving the text some colour / color
  • Increase / Decrease Indent: As it says

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