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OneFlare Customer Choice Award goes to …

Oneflare for Business Awards ZAAAX Design with the Customers Choice Award for 2016

Oneflare for business has awarded us the Customer Choice Award and we are completely wrapped with our Award. From all of the Web Design & Development businesses based in Victoria, Australia, ZAAAX Design and 4 other businesses have been Awarded the inaugural 2016 Customer Choice Award, for being excellent basically.

To Quote OneFlare …

"This award represents excellence and talent
across the Technology industry, including the
top businesses in services such as: engineering
and multimedia in VIC. These businesses were 
selected for having provided excellent customer
experiences." Oneflare for Business

If you don’t already know, Oneflare for business is an online lead generating agency that delivers leads to your business that are specifically seeking your services. Pretty cool right!

Oneflare for business also gives you the opportunity to send that lead a quote for your services and if the customer likes what they see, they’ll hire you straight up. Xtra cool.

ZAAAX Design have been with Oneflare for business for over 2 years and we are very pleased with the leads and results we are getting, so we are sticking to this proven method of quoting to people, who are looking for our web design & web development services, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) included, and helping them get their business into a Website online to be found.

Oneflare for BusinessWe love what we do, we love our clients and we love knowing that we’ll be expanding to service a broader range of Web related services for our future clients, wherever they be in the World.

Oneflare for business will be helping us along the way as well.

We’re happy about that, too.

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