Video Training Learning

Video Training

Video Training learning is what we bring to the table. We training our clients on the finer points of using Wordpress and the Avada theme. We show our clients how to apply basic SEO strategies to the pages and posts they are writing and maintaining.

While we’re in the process of giving a lesson to a client, we video the session so that when we’re done training for the time, the client has the ability to re-visit the video training session to recap any issues them may have forgotten after the session.

Video Training Avada & Wordpress

Most of our clients like to know how it all comes together, so that they can learn to help themselves when necessary. So we train them to edit posts, pages and any images or videos through the Wordpress and Avada systems.

Once they learn how to gain the knowledge of maintaining their own website, they do become more proactive in taking an interest in what’s happening within their own site.

At ZAAAX Design, our aim is to help our clients find the comfort in knowing how to look after their own website, which means they can edit posts, pages and edit images through the Wordpress & Avada system.