Client Web Support;

Client Web SupportClient web support is a range of Client services to assist Clients in making cost effective and correct use of a product or service that we supply. It includes assistance in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and SEO Marketing of their product and or service.

Regarding technology products such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, software products or other electronic or mechanical goods, it is termed technical support.

Client web support is considered as one of the main data channels for Client satisfaction research and a way to increase Client retention.

Phone support:

Customers speak directly to customer support representatives over the phone.

Phone Support is often used for order taking, pre-sales queries, upselling and cross-selling, troubleshooting etc.

Outbound calls are calls made to customers from the call center to give or take information.

Online chat:

With online chat a web visitor seeks assistance, a text chat session is started by clicking on a link on the provider’s website. The customer support representative interacts with the web visitor, understands the requirements, resolves the query and closes the interaction. Alternatively, based on the requirements the customer support representative could also trigger a chat session with the web visitor.

Chat support assists with language barriers as both parties involved in the chat session may be able to use an online translation service to communicate. It is also considered less intrusive than phone support.

Email support:

Email is the primary means to offer web-based assistance for your customers when matters do not require an immediate answer. Low-cost, non-intrusive and anywhere-anytime access are some of the advantages of email-based communications.