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Victory Park Health


Victory Park Health Web Design Victory Park Health group required specific design formatting. The brief was to have the website load fast and send a clear message to the visitor of what Vic Park do. We created a website that did indeed load fast and also, showed the visitor exactly what Vic Park are about.

Tara Steel


Tara Steel Makup Artist Tara Steel wanted a fast loading, image heavy web design that her clients and friends could download with ease. We did discuss many options for Tara in relation to her requests. In the end all of us decided to create a very smooth experience for her clients and potential customers.

Stem Landscape Design


Stem Landscape Architecture & Design was created for those who are looking for designs that are respective of the environment and our non-human ‘others’. With this idea in mind, we designed an easy loading, image information based website out client that placed Stem's information straight to the visitors eye.