Questions to Ask Client Before Starting a Web Design

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Post by Hassnain Haider

When you have dozens of ideas circulating in your mind and you are sceptical about the perfect one, it’s better to ask your client to provide a comprehensive road map. It’s ideal to chase the path that is in accordance with your client’s perspective. Besides website optimisation and stunning content, a user friendly layout makes a website stands out.

Many designers only prefer to embellish a website with distinctive features and functionalities but what they are neglecting to consider the scope of the project. When you are hired for a next web design project, it’s optimal to ask for guidelines from your client.

You need to be fully armed with the right information that renders a smooth workflow. Here are some fundamental questions every designer should ask before starting working on a web design project.

What are your business goals?

Goals are imperative for any business to stay focused and to expand the scope of business further. Goals provide a clear direction for the company to reach ultimate success. Goals vary from business to business. The intended business website should also be completely goal oriented. If a designer fully understands the goals, he/she could deliver more rigorously and can take better decisions based on short or long term objectives.

Whom you are trying to reach?

The knowledge about the target audience is significant to serve in the right direction. It has a great impact on the business as with proper understandings you may end up with a stunning outlook of the website but will lead the business to nowhere.

“A study found that, first impressions are 94% design-related.”

Remember you are going to design this website for the sake of grabbing the attention of maximum potential customers, so it’s better to determine their likes and dislikes before fabricating the appearance of the website.

Do you already have a content plan?

For having a clear vision of the website, make sure to have a concrete content plan. The content should resonate with the business goals as the engagement to a website highly depend on the piece of information you are offering.

According to an info graphic by FME extensions 38 percent of visitors will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive”.

Web Design Layout

Do ask your client if he/she wants to use the same content from the previous website or he is planning to provide you fresh top-notch content.

What makes you different from others?

What Makes You Different

Knowing about the unique selling points of your client’s business can give you leverage in your web design journey. You will come to know how you will divert visitor’s attention. How will you stimulate them to visit most productive sections of the website?

Who are your competitors? Do they have an online presence?

Exploring the competitors is another most important aspect of your project. It will give you a glimpse of industry oriented web trends and you will have an idea on how to setup your project.

Your intention should be focused on getting inspiration from those websites, instead of entirely copying them out. Explore those features that will have a huge impact on the audience and will guide your web design.

Which web elements are complementary and essential for business growth?

Ask about the actual essence of the business that is completely unique from others and will compel visitors to prefer you among others. Instead of making assumptions and integrating features with no business scope, ask your client for the guidance.

If he/she is running a coffee shop, you may need to integrate the menu and have to mention its opening and closing hours. Likewise if he/she has a real estate business, you may have to showcase images and videos of the commercial or residential properties currently available.

Always try to gather all the significant details about website features before proceeding by, as later additions may cost your time and efforts.

Do you already have a website?

Besides starting with little to no information, try to explore the already built website of your client, if he/she has one. It will provide you a general idea of his/her business domain and you can learn from the mistakes as well. Knowing your client’s priorities is most important thing. Ask to point out the websites he/she is inspired from. This save you from potential failure and you will remain focused on the most important elements of your web design project.

What is the timeline for project completion and what is your budget?

You need to be aware of the client’s deadline as you are up for integrating seamless web design components.  Keeping you project on track is crucial as you may get stuck finalising a certain feature and the time comes where you have to submit the end product or the model of the product.

Final words

Sometimes your client doesn’t know which website’s outlook, features and content will provide his/her business a maximum hike which is really overwhelming. In that cause you have to utilise your instincts and have to look for other business websites having similar goals. In that case it’s quite a daunting task as anytime he/she refuse or accept your creation and you have to redo it from the scratch.

Author Bio:

Hassnain Haider is a passionate content marketer, with expertise in digital media. Currently he is working for FME Extensions, a leading e-commerce web design and development agency. Over the years, FME Extensions has successfully delivered projects in Magento, Magento 2 SEO, Word Press, Woo Commerce, Joomla and other CMS/shopping cart platforms.

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