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SEO is one of the most cliched terms on the internet today. Millions of people are talking about SEO and digital marketing to enhance their online reputation and launch their independent business. One of the world’s leading digital marketers Gary Vaynerchuk strongly believes that we live in the golden age of technology. He has often spoken that smartphones are a boon to mankind since a person can now work from the comfort of his/her bed and earn millions of dollars per year.


SEO is truly a powerful tool that can enable you to claw your way out of unemployment.

Creating Your Personal Online Brand

The first way you can use SEO to your advantage is by making it a tool to find another job. SEO can help you look for better opportunities as well as enable the opportunities to come to your doorstep. Here are 5 ways in which you can leverage the best SEO practices to create your personal online brand.

  1. Creating Your Own Website

Purchasing and hosting a website is extremely easy today. You can host a free website/blog on the WordPress and other similar platforms. However, if you wish to for more advanced control and host a website with complete authority, you can do so at a small price tag. Hosting your own website does not take more than a few dollars per month today. Today we have nearly 2 billion websites on the internet. However, less than 200 million of these are active. (Source)

Several website hosting service providers allow you to customise your own website within a week. These service providers have drag and drop interfaces for their website builders for the novice web developers. If you have core web development and coding skills, you can leverage them further to create a fully customised website. You can get the attention of recruiters by creating a website with a domain name in one of the following formats.


Once you have created a website with this format, upload your CV on it. You can also write a brief description of yourself that can intrigue the recruiters. Now, whenever a recruiter searches for your name he/she will come across your website. You can always hire a professional web developer and a content developer to create the website for you at a later stage.

  1. Writing a Blog

You can strengthen your online identity further by writing a blog. You can freely express your thoughts on the blog and make become popular on the internet. By following some key SEO practices, your blog can easily get a rank on the first few pages of the search engines. If you are writing a blog for fun, it is better to maintain an anonymous identity. However, if you are trying to jump start your career, you need to own the blog with your name.

Make sure that you understand that everything you write on the blog will become a part of the internet in one way or the other. Even if you completely delete the blog, it will still exist on the internet. So, it is extremely important that you maintain a diplomatic and politically correct social identity on the blog. Recruiters may misunderstand your strong one-sided opinions of a heated political debate completely and assess your resume based on this fact.

If your blog has gained enough traction, you can mention a link for that in your resume before sending it to potential recruiters. It is a good idea to stay away from controversial topics for the professional blog.

  1. Creating SEO-Friendly Social Posts

Today, social media and internet give us the potential to reach the decision-makers of the world’s top-tier firms within seconds. We have access to limitless information on the internet at the tip of our fingers. Every individual now has the potential to create viral posts and gain popularity on the internet within a few minutes. By creating SEO-friendly posts on a viral topic, you can easily catch the attention of the recruiters from your dream firm. In case, you aren’t able to do it organically, you can always use social media platforms like LinkedIn to send them a direct message.

Sending a direct message to the recruiters is encouraged as long as you can maintain a professional approach to it. On the other hand, if you send a childish/offensive message, you can completely ruin your reputation. Make connections on LinkedIn and post relevant content to get the attention of these powerful people. Engage regularly with their posts by sharing, liking, or commenting on them. As of September 2018, LinkedIn has over 260 million active users. You can easily grab the attention of your target audience with the use of SEO-friendly posts. (Source)

  1. Connecting with Similar-Minded People

Sometimes, grabbing the direct attention of a recruiter might not do the trick. You might want to leverage your other contacts in the industry by connecting with like-minded people. Before going for an interview, make sure that you are connected with at least a few people from the company. Sometimes, these people can give you great insights on how to crack the interview. They may also reveal some good pointers on how the company works so that you can stay prepared for questions by the recruiters.

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You can also join forums and communities on social media platforms to get recommendations from the like-minded people. Create an SEO-friendly post on Medium or your own blog and post the link on these forums. You will see a drastic increase in the amount of audience that visits your posts. If this post catches the eye of the right people, you will see that it will get flood your inbox with multiple offers from different companies.

  1. Grow Your Own Business

If you do not want to work for someone else, the internet can fuel your dreams for entrepreneurship too. With SEO-friendly content, you can grow your own business on the internet. Apart from talent and skill to write great content, you also need a lot of patience to grow the online business. If you are planning on launching your own venture, make sure that you invest in a considerable amount of market research and competitive analysis before doing so.

In the initial stages, you may see an extremely slow or no growth in the business at all. You may feel that SEO is a complete waste of time and won’t reap any results. However, if you stick to the right SEO practices for a long period, you will see them slowly revealing positive effects on the business. Eventually, your online business will start generating a good amount of return. To grow the business further, you must reinvest a part of this income into the foundation. This will speed up the growth of the business by a good factor.

Job Opportunities in SEO and Digital Marketing

While SEO can help you look for another job, SEO itself is not a bad job landscape for you. In fact, today the industry needs SEO and digital marketing experts in huge numbers. Top business owners are ready to pay hefty packages to people who can help them establish a reliable online identity for their business. Here are some job opportunities that good SEO training can fetch you today.

  1. Become an SEO Specialist

The core job of an SEO specialist is to create SEO-friendly content and/or modify the existing content so that it can reap the maximum return on investment. Typically, a business hires a team of content developers at dirt-cheap prices for developing a mediocre level of content. After getting their hands on this content, they pass it on to the SEO-specialists who work their magic on the words. They make sure that the content contains enough keywords and hyperlinks to rank great on the search engines.

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The SEO-specialists can also work with the web developers to increase the readability and accessibility of content on the website. They also study and optimise the new as well as existing broken links to increase the domain authority. An SEO specialist typically leads the team of content developers and graphic designers. He/she works closely with them to develop engaging and SEO-friendly content for the target audience.

  1. Become a Digital Marketer

The job role of a digital marketer is quite similar to that of an SEO specialist. A digital marketer streamlines your overall marketing campaigns and creates a pathway to close the sales faster. The marketer works with the top salespeople in an organisation to identify the needs of the target audience and design engaging marketing campaigns. He/she is completely responsible for your business’s online identity.

You can easily get trained to become a certified digital marketer from an online institute or with classroom education from a dedicated digital marketing institute.

  1. Become a Blogger

Blogging is one of the finest ways to earn a living today. However, most people think that the life of a blogger is extremely easy. If you are interested in blogging because you think that a blogger can earn millions just by writing, you are wrong. An A-class blogger knows that there is a lot more to blogging than just writing content. Today Tumblr hosts more than 400 million blogs across the globe. (Source)

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A blogger needs to invest a lot of time in creative thinking and coming up with relevant topics that can attract an audience. A professional blogger, much like an author, needs to go through his/her content multiple times to remove errors and incorporate facts into the writing style. Once you become an established blogger, you can be paid to travel and write blogs.

  1. Start Affiliate Marketing

SEO also opens endless opportunities for you in the world of affiliate marketing. Today, you can create your own blog, website, shop on the internet for free. You can easily open a new shop on Amazon, eBay and other similar e-Commerce platforms to sell products. The traction for your business will be extremely slow in the initial stages since you won’t have enough customers, ratings or reviews. However, as you invest in more and more SEO-friendly practices, your business will grow.

  1. Become an Online Trainer

If you are an SEO-expert, you can earn a living by teaching the art to others. You can easily become an online trainer for SEO and charge students thousands of dollars per year. The best educational universities and online teaching platforms pay experts top dollar to create videos for their students.

Becoming an online trainer is easy as long as you have the necessary experience and teaching skills. If you can explain what you already know as an expert, in simple words, you are fit to become a trainer.

The world of SEO is complicated and highly competitive. Before claiming to be an SEO-expert, make sure that you do know at least the basics of the art. If you want to make the best use of SEO, stay open to new experiences and leanings from your peers for the long run.

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Imran Khuredi is a digital marketing content writer at freelance seo. He loves to write about latest marketing, designing, development & seo trends. 

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