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SEO Tips To Future Proof Your SEO

SEO Tips

Although this video isn’t mine, there’s quite a few little good SEO tips you can find in this quick video.

Check it out: Published on 18 Dec 2013

Ollie looks at seven ways to make your SEO future proof for 2014 and beyond. Including a look at which tactics no longer work and what Google and Bing are likely to look for in the future.

SEO Links:

Here’s a few good links to well known SEO Sites for your further research.

And here’s another great Resource / Tip

How to download all of your landing pages from Google Search Console via Analytics Edge — and I mean ALL of them!

Google Search Console provides a wealth of data on landing pages, but unfortunately, that data is limited. Columnist Glenn Gabe shares his method for getting around the 1,000-URL limit using an Excel plugin called Analytics Edge.

Click it and feel good!

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  1. Kate Ram January 5, 2016 at 10:51 am

    Well that was good. Although going over it, it’s actually dated due to Google’s innovative revamp of their complete indexing systems or spider algorithms. Now every one of our clients need new websites because the coding that we used to use is now out of date.

    Google changed the playing field in OCT 2014, by the way. If you have a website older than that date, you need a new one.

    That would be us making it for you also. Ask us how here.

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