Website Promotion Using Social Media – Simple Ways

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With the population of social media users crossing 2.5 billion and still climbing, it is more important now than ever before for both B2C and B2B businesses to tap the potential of social media to build brand awareness, engagement levels, and add to the bottom line.

Simple Ways of Website Promotion

Some simple and practical tips from expert marketers to help you to leverage social media for driving traffic to your website:

Build an Effective Social Media Presence

Because there are so many social media platforms and you simply cannot devote attention to building a presence on each of them, you need to find out which platforms will work best for you. A comparison of the demographics and usage patterns of your target audience with that of the platforms will reveal the best fit.

You need to ensure that the usernames are as uniform as possible and incorporate your business or brand name. Also, ensure that the accounts reflect your brand identity in an unambiguous manner to avoid confusing the followers. Ensure that profile is accurate, describes who you are, and incorporates your website link.

Create Amazing Content

Social media users will follow you when you post content that is valuable, fresh, informative, interesting, and entertaining. Craft your content with care, post them consistently at the times your audience is most active, and avoid posting too many times per week.

Lay the focus on visual content as it is more interesting and easily understood. Along with content that gives a better perspective on solving common problems, you should post content that humanises your brand by providing interviews with staff, glimpses of candid moments, as well as peeks of what actually goes on inside your business. How-to videos are usually a great hit with users and generate plenty of real Instagram likes.

Advertise on the Social Media

Every now and then, especially if you are conducting a promo, it can be a good idea to advertise on the social media on which you have a large number of followers. Virtually each and every network offers cost-effective advertising options that you can use to great effect for giving your brand and account extra visibility.

You can use a number of parameters to decide who can see your advertisements so that you get qualified traffic directed to your website. By setting budget limits, you can ensure that you can’t go over the limit on advertising expenses.

Website Promotion Using Social Media

Create Contests to Engage Followers

Even though they have been around for long, creating a buzz with a simple contest that offers attractive prizes and freebies still works wonders for boosting follower engagement. Use your posts to advertise the content and ask participants to click on the website link to actually take part on a specially designed landing page. Offering bonus entries can be a good incentive for followers to share the contest link on their own accounts.


Rather than engaging in hard-sell, you should strategically use your social media accounts to build brand awareness and strike up a conversation with your followers that leads to the building of long-term trust and credibility. Use the content and promotional devices to encourage followers to visit your website to maximise their brand experience.

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Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain real Instagram likes with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.

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