Why Email Marketing Still Converts and Strengthens Your SEO

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One of the oldest strategies in digital marketing that still proves to be one of most effective in terms of conversion and in delivering results, email marketing is still being used and relied upon even by a lot of companies. In fact, there are still about 88% of marketers worldwide that utilize heavily on email marketing.

Though a lot of digital marketing strategies have already emerged in recent years like social media, SEO, influencer marketing, and PPC dominated the internet, many are still a firm believer that email marketing can still produce good results and gather as many leads as it can like other newer online marketing methods.

As a marketer or a business owner, you might still want to explore the many benefits email marketing can offer for your brand and how it complements other digital marketing strategies. In this article, we will check on why email marketing still matters and how it can strengthen your SEO tactics.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is comprised of the promotional or informative message you send to your potential customers. It is a highly effective and cost-efficient marketing strategy that has been used for some time already by many business owners and marketers.

Why Email Marketing Still Converts?

While many have been thinking that email marketing is somewhat dead because of the newest innovations when it comes to digital marketing strategies, the figures somewhat say otherwise. When a study was conducted, results showed that there about 205 billions emails sent every day at the end of 2019. A recent survey also showed that email remains to be the most important key marketing strategic channel for many marketers that even got a ranking of 91% followed closely by social media at 83%.

If you have been keen to try digital marketing or if you if have and decided to skip email marketing, then you maybe you should reconsider it as it still can:

  • Drive a good reach

In 2018, there are still about 3.8 billion email users in the world and still expected to rise at 4.4 billion by 2023. These numbers proved that their still a large crowd of people that are using email marketing.

Moreover, email marketing can easily reach consumers who are banking on smartphones without doing anything or investing in new software. As consumer behavior shifts more to mobile usage, email marketing can give you great opportunities to get your message in front of your target audience.

  • Easy to personalize content

Another consumer behaviour worth noting these days is how people lean towards personalization. Learning what your audience wants or what they look for can help you convert them into sales.

Once you have gathered enough data, it is easy to personalize the message and content to be delivered to your audience. Working on that personalization can help you improve your open and click through rates as well as your overall conversion rates.

  • Provide a good ROI

Another factor that makes email marketing still works is being how cost-effective it is but provides a good return on investment (ROI) for you.

Leveraging on email marketing can only cost a minimal fraction of your marketing budget unlike if you advertisements like TV or print ads. According to studies, for every $1 you spent on your marketing tactics can give you about $42 in ROI. Email marketing is efficient especially if you are just starting up or you have a minimal marketing budget.

  • Easily complement other digital marketing strategies

Email marketing is a stand-alone strategy that can deliver good results however it can be paired with any of your other digital marketing strategies like SEO.

What is SEO?

If email marketing has been of the oldest method in digital marketing, SEO is one of the newest in recent years.

Search Engine Optimization is the process where you improve your organic search rankings organically. By letting your website crawl in different search engines, it helps people find you easily and enhance your online presence and visibility. It is a technique that uses keywords and phrases to let your site stand out and beat the competition.

Relationship Between Email Marketing and SEO

You may have heard how social media can affect your SEO efforts, but have you considered the connection between email marketing and SEO?

The similarities of SEO and email marketing starts with how both use content to promote your brand, product or services. SEO has several types and not necessarily limited only to search engines and websites. Though on-page SEO is as important as technical SEO, we cannot deny the fact the off-page SEO help also strengthen this online marketing strategy.

Link building and guest posting may have been two of the most important jobs you need to make to boost your off-page SEO, email marketing can also help you achieve your goals. Email marketing puts your forefront, helps people know about your SEO contents and help promote your brand. When used together and allowed to complement each other, it can give you amazing results. So, can your email marketing efforts make your SEO campaigns stronger? Here are some ways to know how.

How Email Marketing Strengthens Your SEO Campaigns

  1. Lower Down Bounce Rates

A lot of people tend to click on your site, stay for a few moments before leaving immediately without checking any of your content. This is how your bounce rate is calculated and it searches engines assess your ranking in search results through this rate making it an important factor in your SEO campaign.

One way to combat this is to create amazing content for your site and share it in your email marketing campaign. You can share a link to your blog post in the emails that you send to your list and encourage them to click it or read with a clear call-to-action (CTA). Once you’ve caught your recipient’s attention and are interested enough, they will eventually click on the link and go to your site. Since they are quality visitors, they will likely stay and read your content thus lowering down your bounce rate.

  1. Generates Traffic

A lot of people discover new sites through emails, it is around 51% of the population to be exact. This is due to the fact that your email marketing can drive quality and highly targeted traffic to your website.

As you apply automation in your email marketing strategy, it will make your life easier for you. Your best content can be automatically sent to your new subscribers while you do nothing. As they visit your site, your website traffics increases which will lead to Google or any other search engine sites to notice you. Once you are noticed, your ranking in search results will start to go up as well.

  1. Boost Your Social Media Presence

Your email can not only help your SEO campaign but can also promote your social media presence and engagement. Maximise your email marketing efforts. Include social media buttons in your email messages so it will be easier to encourage your recipient to promote your content in their social media profiles.

As people will want to share your content in their social media accounts, it can help generate more organic engagement and help drive additional traffic to your website. SEO and social media share a special bond which means the higher engagement you derive from your social media channels, the more it helps improve your SEO strategies.

  1. Send Personalised Content

One of the key reasons email marketing still thrives up to these days is its ability to deliver personalized content. It comes very handy with email segmentation that allows you to reach your desired audience. Automation can help also in delivering personal messages to your clients. Once a customer was not able to check out and left an item in his cart, an email can shoot up and remind him to finish his transaction. Doing this does not only personalized your message which makes your client feel important but also helps your sale conversion.

When you send out a personalized email, you are assured that you reach your target market. You can even conduct email surveys and polls where you ask your subscribers about what content they want, what are their interests and what they think they need (and maybe want) in relation to the product or service you are offering. Once you have gathered enough data, you can go and provide the necessary content which will make them click and visit your site. Since these people are already targeted from the start, it will be easier for them to convert into sales.

Final Thoughts

One thing is clear, email marketing is not dead. As we sent over billions and billions of emails in 2019, we can conclude that it is in fact thriving. While many still consider it as old fashioned and are having second thoughts in starting their email campaigns, it is can be a strategic move to complement it with other digital marketing strategies.

Email marketing and SEO are somewhat similar but not the same. They do not even directly influence each other but can work together for your advantage. Your email marketing can act as your bridge to connect quality visitors with your content and puts your best content in the spotlight and the forefront so your audience can see it easily and can check on it. If email marketing works for you, try making it work with your SEO strategies. Results may not come overnight but if you are patient enough and will persevere enough, you will surely achieve your goals and get a resounding success.

Author Bio:

Maricar Morga

Maricar Morga worked as a marketing professional for almost a decade. She became part of the biggest real estate company/mall operator in the Philippines and handled concerts, events and community service-related activities. One of her activities became a nominee in the ICSC Asia-Pacific Shopping Center Awards 2018. Leaving her corporate job for good to pursue her dreams, she has now ventured in the path of content writing and currently writes for Softvire Australia and Softvire New Zealand. A Harry Potter fan, she loves to watch animated series and movies during her spare time.

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